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Yunphant Partners Enter Strategic Partnership With Inspur To Explore Blockchain Application of Healthcare

30 Oct, 2017 Hangzhou-Yunphant, a blockchain startup based in Hangzhou, announces entering strategic partnership with Inspur, one of the largest IT company in China to integrate blockchain with media data.

Huang Butian, founder of Yunphant, was excited about Bition and blockchain technology when its whitepaper was released in 2009. In 2012 he went to Zhejiang University to for doctoral degree in computer science. Out of the strong interest in the blockchain technology, his research and development n gradually shifted from the operating system virtualization, cloud computing to blockchain. The research team he assembled became the backbone members of Blockchain Research Lab of School of Computer Science of Zhejiang University.201710300347518054

He is also a serial entrepreneur. In 2007, he founded a company as a technology partner. In October 2014, he set up YunphantChain, a blockchain startup focusing on enterprise-level alliance product development, application solutions and technical consulting services.
For the medical industry, the vast majority of medical data is completely closed like an isolated island. Medical data is fragmented and cannot be continuously recorded and shared. Such low efficiency and transparency is a great waste of social resources. Enhancing sharing and inter-operatbility of medical is critical to the application of medical data. But how to protect patients’ safety and privacy is a very difficult problem.

Blockchains allow multiple organizations to access peer-to-peer networks without worrying about data security and integrity through encrypted data transmission. Medical data created by various parties are synchronized and shared in real-time. The BaaS platform developed by YuphanChain and Inspur is targeting to improve efficiency and transparency of the medical industry through blockchain technology.

Inspur Group is one of the largest IT enterprises in China. As a leading provider of cloud computing and an advanced IT product and solution, Inspur Group owns four listed companies: Inspur Information, Inspur software, Inspur International, Huaguang Optoelectronics, serving more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

The Yunphant Network is designed to build the world’s leading enterprise-class consortium blockchain platform. The YunphantChian is a self-developed bottom layer protocol, which can be quickly deployed for large-scale user application scenarios. The Company has applied for over thirty national patents. Through the API interface, the system supports operations such as authority management, monitoring and maintenance, online deployment of Chaincode and world status query. The resource manager is flexible and easy to use.

Back in February 2016, Yunphant has closed 3 million of seed round funding.

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