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Xiong’an’s Afforestation Project is Well Underway by Using Blockchain Technology

Xiong’an New Area, a state-level new area in Baoding area of Hebei which located about 100 km southwest of Beijing, has launched a tree-planting plan on last November. The 6,667-hectare afforestation project is well underway  at present. The work team has also build a smart platform based on blockchain, big data and other high-tech to trace and manage the life circle of every trees in this area.

According to the ecological goals previously announced by local authorities, the new area will be a new economic powerhouse with more than 70 percent of the area to be covered by vegetation and water by 2030.

The planting project has entered the second stage by April 18. Li Xiangdong, director of this project indicated that, the traditional planting skills cannot meet their requirement. For instance, in the second section of the planting area, workers have been divided into 139 work teams to enhance the efficiency of their daily work.

In order to create “splendid vegetation to last a thousand years” and attract scores of high-tech and green business in Xiong’an New Area, the whole process includes seedlings selections, excavation, packaging unloading, planting, irrigation are all under strict quality control standards.

In this instance, Xiong’an project team decided to build an online system powered by blockchain, big data and cloud computing technology. Based on this system, each sapling has a QR code. After being encoded in, the whole information, including its species, place of origin, planting location and the growth status can all be found in the data base.484d7ec7b0121b824b801e

Every trees in Xiong’an will have its unique digital information after being planted which composes a “digital forest” and that is also a part of the “Digital Xiong’an” project. Staffs may trace the whole life circle of each sapling and manage the construction progress as well as the quality of the whole project through this system.

A blockchain-powered fund management platform has also been established as a model of “transparent Xiong’an” to monitor the flow of funds and ensure the fund will be used exclusively for this project.


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