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Xiaomi Is Allegedly Testing Crypto Rabbit: Jiamitu

12 March, Beijing- Xiaomi is allegedly testing its crypto game, jiamitu or crypto rabbit.  But the link to the project was soon withdrawn and inaccessible at the moment for reasons unknown. The crypto rabbit is nothing more than a marketing campaign so far. But the positive aspect is that it will certainly bring more blockchain awareness to the public.

Not long ago, Xiaomi was recruiting senior blockchain developers based in Beijing, offering 30k to 60k yuan a month. It is an average offer and driven by large domestic demand for such talents. The main attraction is the post is based in Xiaomi’s headquarter in Beijing.
The leaked screenshot below reveals that the crypto rabbit is not much different from other crypto pet games.


Referral among wechat friends


User agreement of Crypto Rabbit

The link of was withdrawn and inaccessible at the moment. It seems that the project isn’t ready for public test.
Xunlei(NASDAQ: XNET) is the first well-known IT company in China that embrace blockchain in 2017. The company release WankeCoin, which was later rebranded as Lianke. Nevertheless, the project was still singled out as a “disguised ICO”. In order to meet with regulatory requirements, wallet transfer of the token (once a week before) was totally frozen. Basically, the tokens were crippled. Then many similar attempts have been made but none allows token transfer between users, strictly following the “one-way” rule, which means user could only trade tokens with the project owner for non-fiats.

It’s not surprised that Xiaomi eyes on deploying blockchain within its ecosystem. Zhou Maohua, Director of Data Business of Xiaomi, delivered a speech titled: Blockchain-based coordination of marketing data” in 2017 ECI Festival on 27 December, 2017. He demonstrated the feature and application scenario with Xiaomi’s marketing blockchain. He said:

“The vision of Xiaomi’s marketing blockchain is to maximize the efficiency and value of marketing data through coordination while protecting user’s privacy and data security.”

“As a company with great abundance of data source, Xiaomi always attach great importance to user’s privacy and data security. We want to promote cross-industrial data coordination with blockchain and crypto technologies, pushing the flow of data, providing values to the marketing business while realizing the maximum security of data assets.”

Online marketing has been facing challenges like user privacy, data synchronization, brand security, advertisement anti-fraud, all of which could be connected with the absence of “trust”. Blockchain offers a solution of trust and will play an important role in marketing business.

Zhou said that Xiaomi had applied for 9 blockchain patents and become a member of Hyperledger.

Xiaomi was founded in 2012 as telecommunication provider. In 2017, Xiaomi sold 98mil mobile phones in China, ranking #4 among domestic suppliers. There is speculation that Xiaomi might add mining feature on its cell phone.

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