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World’s First Countdown Speech on Blockchain Was Given on New Year’s Eve in Hangzhou

On December 27, an 8btc speech column “Lingting 2020” was given on New Year’s Eve in Hangzhou Canal Culture and Art Center. “Lingting 2020” is the world’s first new year countdown speech on blockchain which provides a feast for the ears of any blockchain lover.

Tang Xialing, the initiator of “Lingting 2020″,also the vice-president/chief editor of 8btc summarized the events in the past 2019 and looked forward to 2020 with 100 pages of PPT. Themed on “Certainty – Finding Pivot in Chaos” The speech calls blockchain practitioners to observe the trend from the cycle, keep a positive attitude in the chaos, and find a way to the future.


The feast invited Meng Yan, vice president of Chinese Institute of Digital Asset, founder of Token Thinking Laboratory, Tao Rongqi, founder of X-order and co-founder of NGC ventures, and Lu Yifan, general manager of OneConnect’s blockchain business to give speeches on the same stage. 378 super audiences from 44 real industries around the world gathered, most of them were core management of the enterprises.

The speech began with a The Hype Cycle to illustrate what the stage of blockchain technology is. The business value of blockchain shows a typical two peak growth mode as an emerging technology.


Then Tang concluded current supervision of blockchain industry upstream and downstream in China. For crypto wallets: the standard of crypto wallets hasn’t come out. Digital currency trading and speculation are strictly prohibited in China, and for those mining pools, how to define the mutual rights, responsibilities and interests of the trustee, the lessor and the investor is also a problem to be solved. It may also involve some legal issues related to private financing.

Facing the strict supervision in China, Tang hopes the blockchain practitioners keep a ‘builder’ profile we should attach ourselves to be serious, active, and practical. In the next year, Tang pointed out that there are three trends worth focusing on: data, regulatory sandbox, and licensing.

Tang and her team sorted out a panorama of blockchain layout of enterprise giants in China. The blockchain layout of enterprise giants in China each has its own characteristics: Ping An embodies strong financial attributes, Ant Financial emphasizes commercial application, Taobao and Alibaba have a large number of users and rich scenarios to explore.


Over the past year, consortium chains of Chinese giants are undergoing their renaissance. The public chains think that the consortium chains are a phased product, which is only an improvement of the original production relationship, not a real blockchain. While consortium chains think that the consensus between infinite nodes of the public chains is realized by computing power, which consumes a lot of operating costs and natural resource.

Tang thinks the revolution that high-level productivity that replaces another can never be achieved overnight. At present, consortium chains should be the most effective way to realize blockchain. Large companies have strong competitiveness in resources, technology, experts and talents. At this stage, in terms of blockchain technology innovation, enterprise giant is more like a flexible fat man.

Although the code source is open, it cannot be used directly in the development business. From code to software, from software to product, and a series of commercial operations are a long and complex term. Therefore, in the next year, Tang believes that whether the public chain or the alliance chain, in the following competition, the engineering realization ability will become the key competitiveness.

Tang believes the year 2020 will see the rise of industrial blockchain. Industrial blockchain needs to rely on two forces: Internet giants and large traditional industries, in the year 2020, blockchain revolution will take place in the industry and the application scenes.

8btc also set up the industrial blockchain team to cater the demand by integrating the media, investment, incubation and technology groups. 8btc’s industrial blockchain team aims to do three things: training, consulting services and technical solutions, helping core enterprises to establish talent closed-loop, industry closed-loop and technology closed-loop.

Crypto space is often seen as a millionaire-maker, as some people in this space become the rich overnight. In fact, the blockchain wealth view has nothing to do with wealth, but do with everyone’s inner values. Wealth in the form of money is only the digitalized return of your efforts. All the money earned by luck will be lost by strength. Only when we really understand the value of blockchain technology and recognize its long-term value can we go further.

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