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WINGS picks Chandler Guo to access Chinese exchanges, Ethereum Classic community

Drafting Chinese angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum startups, Chandler Guo, onto the WINGS Foundation’s Board of Advisors will widen the platform’s access network across the East-West crypto market including to connect some of the world’s top digital currency exchanges.


Guo with WINGS’ Stupurac


China in particular has been gearing up to the potentials of the blockchain technology of late with recent moves showing keen interest that could contribute to bridging the gap between the two sides of the dichotomy.

According to WINGS’ Project & Product Advisor Sebastian Stupurac, bringing Guo on board as a known crypto entrepreneur worldwide – especially in China – will enable the platform which seeks to fund and manage projects using decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) technology, to benefit from his experience, know-hows and connections.

He says:

“WINGS aims to become available for everyone and the Chinese blockchain industry is one of the leading forces of this ecosystem. For WINGS to have maximum impact in China, it was only logical that we seek out one and partner with one of the leaders of this industry.
“Besides his ability to help WINGS adapt to the Chinese mindset and culture which will help us become the default platform of choice for launching projects in China as well, Chandler brings to the table access to valuable Chinese contacts like startups, accelerators and incubators, but also media, the mining community, the Ethereum classic community and of course the Chinese exchanges. We believe he will play a strategic role in the shaping of how WINGS will evolve in the Chinese market.

Guo, who will advise WINGS on ways of becoming more involved with the Chinese market and involve in hackathons and incubators, notes in a statement that “WINGS will provide a much needed platform to the crypto ecosystem” as it puts emphasis on social interaction to “provide a simple way for projects to get initial community feedback, project evaluation and crowdfunding; also, it will allow decentralized filtering of projects (to dilute the noise and place focus on the most promising of proposals). All, while rewarding participants for their inputs.”

The platform has earlier partnered with China’s leading crypto news and information site, 8btc, to spread its decentralized initiative for the creation, joining and management of DAOs.

The news site’s moderator, Red Li says:

“The WINGS team presents to us a special DAO idea based on Rootstock smart contract platform. The chatbot and the credit rating mechanism are very interesting features. We see the potential in WINGS DAO and would like to connect the project with the Chinese community.”

According to Li, the partnership which came to be after Stupurac and one of WINGS developers, Stas Oskin, visited 8btc in October to present the project to the forum, is aimed at making the platform gain attention among the large crypto-community in China.

The partnership with one of the earliest Bitcoin media in China with over 250,000 Chinese crypto players and present in top three cities: Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, could be deemed timely for the growing interest in the DAO platform as well as its ongoing backing campaign which started on Friday November 18.

Also in November, WINGS partnered with Antshares, a decentralized, blockchain-based digital assets platform that allows people to collaborate, build and share financial assets to coordinate resources on mutual business opportunities and promote joint hackathons to drive ecosystem innovation.

Antshares’ David Li described it as a borderless, cross-cultural effort that is indispensable for a truly decentralized future.

The Chinese constitute a major part of the crypto experiment. What they could make of the idea of DAOs and blockchain enforced project governance is unimaginable.


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