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Will ICO Feed the Hungry Chinese Investors? Industry Leaders Share Insights on Beijing Summit September

With the recent price correction of most cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets, the total market value has dropped from 100 billion USD to 83 billion at the moment. Some predicts that ICO bubble has burst and downward trending is inevitable.

ICO has caught mainstream media attention in China. Reports with shocking title emerge every day. Southern Weekly, a traditional media famous for in-depth report, released a story about ICO titled: ICO hinges on the confidence of Jiucai(newbie investors) instead of technical development. Most recent reports include: ICO going viral: crazy game of digital currency and Caijing: Financing innovation or profiteering: investigation of the wild ICO market.
Aside from the keyword of ICO, reports likes these conveys another message: quick fortune. Chinese investors are troubled with assets shortage and ICO happens to provide an outlet for the hungry capital.  But the wild arena has inevitably invites attention from regulatory authorities. . It seems that China will adopt a “regulatory sandbox” legal framework for ICO.

How is that going to impact the Chinese cryptocurrency ecosystem? Industry leaders are to share their insights on the coming the 2017 BTC and Blockchain Summit in Beijing this September 10. 8BTC learn from Bitkan, host of the event, that heavyweight speakers around the world will gather in Beijing to outline the future. Confirmed speakers are:
Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan CEO Roger Ver
Huobi CEO Li Lin
Dash Core team
Rootstock CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar
Wings CEO Stas Oskin
BitKan CEO Liu Yang

Topics that will be discussed:

The cryptocurrency industry in China.
ICO Market situation in China,
The environment and its development in the global market,
How blockchain technology could  “Shape the future”.


Chinese regulators have realized the importance of ICO and its symbiosis with the industry.

“At present, ICO has become an important financing mechanism of blockchain industry and has promoted technological innovation and development of the blockchain system on various dimensions. “

The upcoming event is to air voice from the core of the industry before the the official release of the regulatory framework, which will certainly encourage more innovations developed around Bitcoin and blockchain technology.


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