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Why You Need to Use Crypto for Online Gaming

Online gaming has taken an entirely new meaning with the advent of blockchain technology. The traditional online-based games have now evolved to host millions of players on the blockchain. And the key element for accessing these platforms is cryptocurrency.


When you think of online gaming, your first thoughts could be about RPG, adventure, strategy, or sports games. However, a new sector is rapidly emerging to contest these games’ popularity, crypto gambling. This safe and fun practice is similar to traditional, web-based casinos. The main difference is that you can deposit digital assets to play table games, slots, and other casino games. Here’s why you should consider using crypto for this new and exciting form of online gaming!

Cryptocurrency and Online Games

Blockchain-based gaming has spurred a new form of entertainment, play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, which applies to all online games. Its definition is quite simple – the more you play, the higher the chances of earning assets, usually cryptocurrencies.

The gaming industry is already developing new games with this concept in mind. Some developers are even adapting old games to enable players to earn crypto as they play. Furthermore, they facilitate quick and easy withdrawals, helping people increase their wealth while enjoying a fun gaming activity.

Generally, most games require you to make an initial deposit, which traditional games rarely do. However, the old games were only focused on entertainment. While emotional gain is important, gaining a bit of crypto on the side is a plus.

That’s why crypto casinos are rising among the favorite pastimes of gamers, casino players, and regular users everywhere. These platforms give you fun and exciting games on the same platter with the opportunity to win big.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency for Online Gaming

Here are the reasons you should consider playing with crypto when gaming:

Easy Deposits

Crypto deposits are easy, convenient, and increasingly faster than traditional fiat payments. Furthermore, they don’t involve all the mandatory compliances of old-school payment systems. You simply need to register to a gaming platform, connect your wallet, and deposit in one of the available cryptocurrencies.

Easy Withdrawals

Once you gather your winnings in a game, you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet just as quickly and easily as you deposited them. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with banks inquiring into your accounts or charging you for transactions.

Secure Transactions

Most gaming platforms employ high levels of security, including KYC and AML procedures. This way, they prevent fraudulent users, cybercriminals, and other ill-intended actors. Crypto casinos especially withhold high safety standards for the user’s personal data and accounts. Therefore, you can safely use these platforms for fun games and the chance to win.

Luxurious Prizes

Using crypto in online gaming opens the doors to a new world of limitless winning opportunities. This is especially true when you play with Bitcoin at a crypto casino. These online platforms allow you to play any casino game, from Blackjack to Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and slots. In return, you can win crypto prizes, fiat money, and more.

Here’s an example of how big you can win with crypto gambling:

Bitcasino, the world’s first crypto-led licensed online casino, rewards three random lucky players with tickets to this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

Bitcasino organizes a three-round raffle between June and September as part of its crypto gambling promotions. The winner of each round will get a unique VIP experience at one of the last-16 round games, one of the semi-finals, and the grand final, respectively. Each winner can bring a guest and enjoy the fantastic amenities that come with the prize.

  •       A cruise aboard Bitcasino’s exclusive yacht
  •       A meet-and-greet dinner with the match ambassador for the respective game
  •       Business-class flights
  •       5-star accommodation in Qatar

Moreover, Bitcasino will reward 25 other lucky players for each raffle round with one of the following prizes:

  •       iPhone x5
  •       iPad x5
  •       Airpod Max x5
  •       500 USDT x5
  •       100 USDT in Free Chips x5

Dates for the raffle rounds and draws:

  •       Round One (The Last-16 Round): June 20 – July 20, with the draw taking place on July 22
  •       The Second Round (Semi-Final Round): July 21 – August 21, with the draw taking place on August 23
  •       Round Three (The Final Round): August 22 – September 22, with the draw taking place on September 24

Bitcasino will stream live every draw. Players can join the raffles by opting in and depositing to get a ticket. Each player can collect a maximum of one ticket per draw.

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