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Why So Many Young Generation Abandon Facebook and Shift to NewChat

If we mention the most popular social media, what will put in your mind? FACEBOOK? YOUTUBE? TWITTER? WhatsApp?

No, now more and more people are coming to pay high attention to the high-end social methods NewChat


Connotative freedom within beauty – NewChat

NewChat takes the technology of blockchain which is highly decentralized without monitoring censorship in any information points.

Currently, this app has been open for register in near 10 countries in mobile platform with languages translation in-time technology without communication barriers and highly security for private chatting via point-to-point system. What is more, this app can also be used < log erase system> which means chatting info can be eliminated after reading without any log reserving or server monitoring.

Being Cyber star also make token

Newchat warmly and openly welcomes for any high quality article producers who can get fairness reward & ranking remarks by our advanced algorithm. We highly respect the original intellectual property which permanently saves and records in the blockchain by our payment questions & answers system.

More amusing benefit methods

Expect for payment questions & answers system that help quality articles realize valuable rewards.

NewChat app also releases itself’s digital currency based on block chain technology that established overturned leading global technology called mobile mining. Registers can make asset portfolio based on actual status and they also can get the benefit from any activities or participation from the algorithm of the system

Openly social eco-system with high delighted playing

Newchat provides the openness API which can give more recognition to the technician guys. In here, they can design and develop for their DIY software or supporting apps that can also get the valuable rewards from platform

NewChat is the overturned app based on block chain technology which let more and more people drop Facebook and shift to the more appealing in NewChat  to create their value

It is time to do the final decision that uninstall the out-of-date & antiquated apps without of any hesitation as the times has already changed


  1. Block chain technology with decentralization and highly security private communication protection
  2. More openness without barrier of regions or nations
  3. More openness platform API and social community eco-system
  4. Valuable benefit rewards with quality articles broadcast
  5. Mobile mining with digital currency management
  6. More valuable realization and new net lifestyle


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