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Which BTC Miner Yields Highest Profit? Whatsminer M10, Innosilicon T3, AvalonMiner A9, or Antminer S15

Innosilicon, a China-based semiconductor manufacturer known for making cryptocurrency mining equipment, has launched its latest bitcoin miner – the Terminator 3 on November 10, two days after Bitmain rolled out 7nm Antminer S15.

The T3 Miner, with a hashrate of 43TH/s at 2100w consumption (48.83W/TH), is touted as the No.1 BTC miner for 2019, according to Innosilicon.

“…T3 offers such an unbeatable competitive advantage over existing products with lower operating cost, higher ROI and longevity in all conditions. It will be the BTC miners to own for the years to come.”

The T3 pre-order for limited stock has started on Nov.11, with delivery of limited 1st batch between Jan. 25th and Feb. 25th, 2019, and price at $2,279, or 0.358899 BTC.

As competitive miner makers rush to roll out their featured next-gen ASIC miners which all are claimed as the best BTC miners, the mining market is wondering which one could stand out to generate the highest profit.

Here 8btc makes a comparison among the latest efficient and powerful BTC miners,

Mining metrics are calculated based on a network hashrate of 47.16 EH/s and using a BTC/USD exchange rate of 1 BTC = $6,450. Profits of per Tera hash a day is 0.000035 BTC. The electricity price used in generating these metrics is 0.4 yuan ($0.057)/kWh (average electricity cost in China). All the factors would vary over time, this is just an estimation based on current values.

According to the table above, Whatsminer M10s, yielding the highest profit of $7.53 per day based on the current mining metrics, could be crowned as the king of BTC miner, followed by Ebit E11++ and Innosilicon T3.

While the best deal on mining hardware varies depending on the miner’s goals and budget. Whatsminer M10s delivers the highest hashrate as well as highest profit, Ebit E11++ performs the best in power efficiency, Antminer S15 is among the comparable bargains.

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