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When Blockchain Meets An Otaku Game with 2 Million Chinese Users, Guess What Happened…

Blockchain becomes an advanced technology nowadays and has been used in financial and supply chain industry. However, when blockchain has been adopted by a mobile game, this technology becomes more accessible for us in daily life.

Otaku Game, a Chinese enterprise focuses on the research and development of mobile games, developed a new Dress Up Love Game with the UGC model called ‘Fairy Wardrobe’. Painters (designers) may design and sale their costumes in this game. Users could either buy or draw a game costume to match clothes to unlock game plots.roctum79mx5my2e9.png!1200

Fairy Wardrobe launched beta in mainland China in July 2017 and marched in Korean Kakao platform in October. It has 2 million Chinese users and 20 thousand designers, the costumes design drafts are over 190,000 at present.

The founder Huang Jun found that 80% of the user recharged money is used in purchasing costumes which shows the young generation players have strong willingness to pay for virtual goods.

However, the settlement of the payment of design fee becomes a problem to Fairy Wardrobe. The operating cost is very high in the mobile game industry and the money also lost to middlemen, ultimately, remuneration goes to designer is limited and both China and South Korea’s policies are very strict on remuneration in games. In the real world, designers are often cheated by Party A and their incomes are not stable at all. That’s why they are so concerned about contracts.

Thus, Otaku Game thought of using blockchain to confirm and protect designers’ copyright, and using smart contracts to trade and settle design draft automatically. So Otaku Game work team plans to work with Japanese technical teams to develop an indie game called ‘Fairy Shopping Street’ (PixieCoin) based on their experience of developing Fairy Wardrobe. The new version based on blockchain is only available overseas, and they plans to launch the demo by mid-year of 2018.

In addition, user experience is very important to a game, Otaku Game hopes users just find there is new a digital wallet for purchasing costume instead of feel the underlying technology has been changed.

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