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WhatsMiner Release 72TH/s Bitcoin ASIC M20S, 20% More Powerful than Antminer S17 with Cheaper Price

The China-based mining machine manufacturer MicroBT on April 13 revealed specs of its latest ASIC mining model – bitcoin miner WhatsMiner M20S, with a maximum hashrate of 72 TH (trillion hashes) per second at power consumption of 48W/T.

As the crypto market seems to be springing back to life, the ASIC miner market is waking up with the rollout of new-gen mining devices. Earlier this month, Bitmain has revealed specs of its Antminer 17 series on April 8, which delivers a hashrate ranging from 50 TH/s – 56 TH/s operating at 42W/T-45W/T.

The specifications of WhatsMiner M20S came days after Antminer S17. The high hash power could have the M20S outperforming most top-shelf hardware from other rivals. Touted as the “king of hash power”, the M20S is a 12nm FINFET ASIC bitcoin SHA256 miner with a hashrate ranging 68 TH/s to 74 TH/s for a power consumption of 3300W~3500W. That could be on par with Bitmain’s flagship miner S17 in efficiency, and the price of M20S is considerably cheaper, offered at $2,349.

According to the announcement from its official WeChat account, the model is currently in pre-sale stage, and the first batch of M20S will be shipped in early August. The specs when delivery is expected to reach 70T±5% in hashrate and 48W/T±10%.

Along with the release of M20S, MicroBT also released M21, boasting of its short payback period. The M21 is claimed to perform at 30.5T with 58.75W/T. While its price remains unknown.

MicroBT, better known for its WhatsMiner series, was founded in 2016 by Yang Zuoxing, who was Bitmain’s former head of design and allegedly the designer of its most popular bitcoin miner Antminer S9. The company made its name after its WhatsMiner M3 became a hit in the crypto mining market in late 2017.

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