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“We’re Stuck”, Ethereum Developer Declares on Governance

In what seems as yet another blow to the Ethereum network, one of its core developers has come out to say that the network’s governance is failing. Lane Rettig notes in a series of tweets that revolve around a supposed failure of the Ethereum governance – though he distincts it from the network.

“Ethereum today is unrecognizable compared to Ethereum at the time of the DAO hard fork… The point is, we’re stuck. Ethereum is still running, blocks are still being produced, but we’re stuck…

When developer Afri left his role with Ethereum last month, the executive director of the Ethereum Foundation (EF), Aya Miyaguchi suggested the episode could help remind every stakeholder of what makes the network special – welcoming honest criticism and learning from/collaborating with potential competition.

Afri’s departure followed what was considered a conflict of interest issue after he allegedly made a Twitter post to praise another project delivering what Ethereum’s Serenity is seemingly working on.

However, in the case of Rettig, who had earlier claimed that the Ethereum governance “has failed”, he noted that the network is “a de facto technocracy” and he would like to see “the technocrats would make decisions, but they’ve opted not to, so we are not really a technocracy. We are just a stuck-ocracy.”

He writes that the challenges facing Ethereum governance today are increasingly non-technical and neither the core developers nor the EF would want to make the necessary decisions on highly contentious issues. He says developers feel unqualified and fear legal liability to make the decisions while the EF will fear being seen as taking sides especially as it has “lost legitimacy for failing to deliver a new , for failing to pay its developers, for failing to reply to grant applications, etc.”

Among others, the developer wants Ethereum to give up on governance entirely and be like Bitcoin though it could lead to hard decisions not being made and progress being slow while other projects take out of Ethereum’s share. With the example of an unresolved issue like the ProgPoW debate which has been going on for months due to no meaningful consensus, Rettig also wants the supposed technocratic governance structure replaced with plutocracy to allow Ether holders take control of decision-making.

Reactions to the claims suggest that it is normal for a growing project like Ethereum to tow a bumpy road while others deny the criticisms are legitimate.

More market competition may be coming Ethereum’s way in the next year. It may not be only from rival blockchain platforms like EOS, NEO and TRON but from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash whose supply would halve in the next 12 months. Also, the likes of Litecoin and Monero will have their supply issuance reduced this year.


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