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Well-trained Blockchain Talents are Urged in China, State-run Media Says

Men with true blockchain expertise are urged in China, though there are a large number of job seekers as few actually knows the technology and concept.

“Many job seekers are only interested in the high salary.” The head of a blockchain-related company in Beijing said that some job seekers’ abilities did not meet the requirements after a practical investigation though their resumes were well-written.

Employers in China cover both entrepreneurial companies and Internet giants. Technical, operation and product posts are the most common. For example, among the jobs which Internet giant JD offers are blockchain development engineers, blockchain technology experts and blockchain innovative product managers. The monthly salary ranges from 20000 Chinese yuan to 60000 Chinese yuan.

The average pay of blockchain job offerings reached 16,317 yuan ($2,322), nearly twice the country’s average, according to 8btc’s previous report. Well-trained blockchain talents are hot cakes in China.

Chinese cities join the race of contending for blockchain talents one after another. Early in May 2017, Guiyang, a Southwestern city issued the policy that blockchain technical talents with outstanding performance can enjoy the corresponding living allowance and apartment treatment after being recognized as high-level talents by exception; in May 2018, Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park gave subsidy of 3 million yuan for purchasing house to attract high-level blockchain talents.

After Chinese regulator eliminates the crypto chaos, in the third quarter of 2019, the number of enterprises and recruiters related to the blockchain declined by 53.68% and 51.71% respectively, while the number of job seekers still reached 7.12 times of the recruitment demand.

“Now the market is full of experienced programmers engaged in the development of blockchain core technology. Blockchain talents can be divided into two categories, one is the underlying structure talents and the other is application development talents. The major training channel for blockchain talents is self-study.”

At present, more than 10 universities in China have successively opened blockchain-related courses. Some courses of Tsinghua University have get involved in blockchain, but they have not become a major, while some colleges are also carrying out blockchain training through school-enterprise cooperation. Chinese major crypto exchange Huobi has started a training class for Xiamen University.

In the future, China will cultivate blockchain talents by strengthening the training of professionals in computer and information security, opening more blockchain research courses to cultivate compound talents; the second is to popularize blockchain knowledge in finance, management majors, so that all parties can work together to realize the application.

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