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Warpspeed 2021 DFINITY×IAF Hackathon Demo Day Ended With 10 Winning Teams

On December 19, Warpspeed 2021 DFINITY×IAF Hackathon Demo Day ended in Shanghai. This hackathon is the first hackathon officially held by DFINITY both in the world and in China. It took more than a month from November 15 to the final, with more than 200 developers signing up and more than 20 teams being selected for the final.


At Demo Day, 20 teams showed their work online and offline, covering NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, data management, basic tools, Web3 and other fields.

In the end, CCC (decentralized art creation and social platform) won the Community Favorite Award, IC-py (Python programming tools built on IC) and MeatBox (personal terminal DApps in Metasverse) won the Best Rookie Potential Award, ICPFuture, Motoko Coder and Quadwheel Brother(四驱兄弟) won the Bounty Award, IC Naming (decentralized naming service), CCC and DFusion (decentralized content platform) won the third prize. MetaBox and IC Lighthouse (decentralized derivatives trading protocol) won second prize and IC-py won first prize.

DFINITY founder and Chief Scientist Dominic Williams and DFINITY CTO Jan Camenisch shared an update on DFINITY’s progress.


Jan talked about DFINITY roadmap and what to look forward to in the coming months. There will be two milestone product launches in the first quarter of 2022, focusing on DeFi and providing developers with development tools to help develop tokenized DAPP, including ledger and governance systems.

Dominic praised China for leading the world in social and payment development. For Chinese developers, there is now a complete opportunity to develop decentralized social software and other decentralized services based on IC, such as DAO. Developers can entrust their project to DAO, which has governance tokens, and they can sell the governance tokens in the international market to obtain funds to support the development of the project.

In order to help developers grow quickly in IC, DFINITY will launch the online development course “From Core Technology Introduction to Development Practice” on December 27th. The course covers how to build a simple website using SDK, how to get started with Motoko, how to develop Canister smart contract, how to use Motoko as a back end and Java as a front end, etc.

In addition, DFINITY will open a Chinese course on Internet Computer development, which is free for all applicants to participate in the hackathon.

Chi Hao, director of the IAF Asia Ecology Fund, which is 100% focused on DFINITY, said that IAF will focus on investing in projects with excellent IC ecology to help the construction and development of Asian communities.

Herbert, head of DFINITY China, is equally bullish about the Chinese market, with more than 7 million developers out of 25 million to 28 million worldwide. Currently, less than 1% of these developers have devoted themselves in blockchain, so there is huge potential for transformation. Herbert hopes these developers will soon join DFINITY ecosystem to share in the unprecedented Web3 opportunities.

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