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Vollar Was Officially Listed on 8btc Market on June 20

Vollar was officially included in the 8btc market on June 20. Vollar is the name of the basic circulation unit in the VDS ecosystem and its only commercial and financial transmission medium. In addition to account recording and payment, Vollar can also activate VID, bid for VAD advertisements, stimulate the operation of the primary node (to ensure the stability of the network), and run intelligent contracts within the system.

V-Dimension, or VDS for short, is a revolution of blockchain social practice, which the dev team has worked hard for more than two years at a cost of $20 million. It is not a single blockchain project, but a distributed private internet based on blockchain, which integrates many research results.

Whitepaper Link: MroA4zjDBECmHfBymxGZJU4TeqcqBUbBp

Official site: http://vdsvxxpsszd.onion/

Tipping Address: VcacMVCaTDZVJjHZ5aRLDKjoPsCscF11k8X

Download Mobile Client: 8btc(Android), ChainNode (ios)

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