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Using Blockchain Technology to Save on Your Next Businesses Trip – TripLeverage

The innovative developers behind TripLeverage seek to revolutionize the business travel sector. The network raised eyebrows across the market this week after it announced plans to host an ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) on Unicrypt. Notably, TripLeverage isn’t new to the market. The firm has been successfully operating since 2020 and has secured a healthy customer base.


TripLeverage Seeks to Provide a More Efficient System

TripLeverage has caught the attention of some well-known blockchain firms in the sector as well. Specifically, BitBook added the firm to its incubator program. Gaining entry into this exclusive group is sure to propel TripLeverage’s strategy forward. For its part, BitBook will provide technical support. It will also funnel customers to TripLeverage to ensure the network expands.


Simplify Your Nest Trip

A quick review of TripLeverage’s features and services makes it easy to see why so many travelers have made the switch to the platform recently. For one, TripLeverage operates as an all-in-one travel platform. You can find everything you need to make your trip a success. Hotels, rental cars, flights, and more are at your fingertips. Best of all, accounting is simplified due to the intuitive interface and billing structure of the network. 


Track and Improve your Spending

It’s always a sad situation when you do your travel accounting and find that a lot of revenue was lost due to unexpected occurrences or bad monitoring. The TripLeverage interface enables you to easily track travel records and expenses from one location. Notably, the system can spot inefficiencies in your route and even recommend upgrades to improve our savings.


How Does TripLeverage Work?

At the core of the TripLeverage ecosystem is the network’s utility token. The TripLeverage token operates as a fully decentralized blockchain asset that enables users to interact with all the features of the network in a streamlined manner. This next-gen blockchain token integrates a variety of features to improve its long-term value.


For example, the TripLeverage token is deflationary by nature. The company intends to take 100% of its current revenue and use it to buy back and burn tokens. This strategy will reduce the market supply and increase the long-term demand. Additionally, a percentage of the network’s fees are earmarked as rewards for referrals and community rewards. 


Security First

The developers behind the TripLeverage integration went to great lengths to ensure the network remains secure. The firm has already undergone multiple third-party audits. Specifically, the company has been audited by QuillAudits. Additionally, the entire development and management team has completed KYC screening by SolidProof. This approach increases trust in the business team and the network as a whole. 


Sustainable Tokenomics

One of the core concerns for developers was to ensure that TripLeverage had sustainable Tokenomics. The developers went to great lengths to provide deflationary protocols that benefit the community and ensure sustainability. As part of this strategy, a 10% transaction tax has been implemented. These funds are then redistributed to users with a portion going to buybacks and burns.


Earn Rewards When You Participate

Securing passive rewards is easy when you use TripLeverage. Users can earn rewards by identifying and referring potential customers or businesses to the network. The firm uses its fees to cover these rewards. Specifically, 50% of all revenue goes towards referral rewards. This strategy helps to incentivize the community to continually seek out new participants.



TripLeverage operates as a popular business expense management platform. The company has seen success since it entered the market in 2020. Much of this growth can be attributed to the savings gained by users. Managers can save +34% directly on hotel rates when they book through the network. Additionally, the platform integrates up to 20% VAT recovery feature to improve long-term token holder profits.


How Do I Participate in the TripLeverage ILO?

The TripLeverage ILO is open to the public. You can find the event hosted on Uniycrypt. Notably, 100%of the project’s tokens are to be sold at the event. Additionally, the firm decided against hosting a private sale or team tokens as part of its fair launch strategy. You can participate in the TripLeverage ILO here. Join Telegram to chat with the team.

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