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Universal Labs Launched Blockchain Love Letter Campaign on Valentine’s Day

Universal Labs launched a blockchain love letter campaign with 20,000,000 YOU coins rewards, started on February 13th. This is the very first blockchain-based Valentines Day activity and all YOU coins can be used within the Ubbey Box and its network, which started pre-sale on February 1st.

This campaign is engaged with blockchain technology that allows love letters to stay forever. Par-ticipants can write their expression with a love letter that will be lately uploaded to the blockchain network. It will stay on the network with an unique and permanent address for future usage and reference. By sharing the love letter to more than 5 witness, both sender and witness will be re-warded with YOU coins – a total amount of 20,000,000 YOU coins will be distributed in this event.
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What is YOU coin?
YOU coin is the digital currency used in the Ubbey ecosystem, designed by Universal Labs. Users can participate in YOU token mining through Ubbey Box automatically.
As the only circulation currency in Ubbey Network, YOU coin could be used in various function upgrades.Through peer-to-peer sharing of digital assets, a user could use or download other users’ digital assets by using YOU coin, which can be also used to purchase other’s spare storage space and digital assets. The implementation of IPFS protocol enables permanent digital assets preservation. With YOU coin, users could upgrade and unlock more service – keep their digital assets on the Ubbey network forever.

The Ubbey Network
Ubbey Network is a decentralized network powered by Ubbey Box and the Ownership Protocol (OWP), which enables ownership exchange of digital & physical assets in peer-to-peer way. Once an asset has been registered, it could be transferred directly from one IP to the other on Ubbey Network almost instantly, just like transferring your Bitcoin. OWP is a decentralized public ownership registry that not only records the ownership of digital asset such as token but also tangible physical asset such as house and land. OWP solves the replicability and double-spending problems of digital asset ownership, bringing the authentic and un-tampered ownership record to life.

Ubbey Box
Ubbey Box is a hardware device designed by Universal Labs. It can be used as a person-al cloud storage for individuals or enterprises. It provides user with massive amount of se-cure data storage space, with 1TB or 2TB options available in the first version. It allows users to backup or store at one place and access the file from anywhere and anytime. Users can connect Ubbey Box with different devices including but not limited to media players, gaming consoles and smart TVs. With the arrival of Internet of Things, Ubbey box can also connect with various smart devices in future. Ubbey Box is also a full node for the Ubbey network, which means it acts like a “miner” in Bitcoin network. The Ubbey network block creator will be randomly selected from Ubbey box nodes based on Proof of Storage consensus algorithm. Users can mine YOU token through sharing their personal storage space, and be rewarded with YOU token as an incentive to power and secure the network
Ubbey Box has started pre-sale from February 1st. To pre-order Ubbey box, please click the link below

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