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Unicrypt Network Introducing More Tools for Successful Defi Project Presales

As the Defi world continues booming, a recently introduced Defi project, Unicrypt, has vastly benefited. Unicrypt, which was launched months ago, has seen accelerated growth in a short while. 

Unicrypt is providing crypto launchpad services with a new twist, utter decentralization. In this new launchpad, projects list for ILO and attract the community in the presales. 

Most current launchpads have a set of regulations that a project must follow to stand a chance in listing. Unicrypt’s launchpad uses autonomous systems to make sure anyone can list their project without necessarily adhering to a list of regulations.

Recent statistics show the Unicrypt website has had over 653,000 visitors, and the number of UNCX holders is currently 2,322 on the ETH chain and almost a thousand on Binance Smart chain. As the numbers surge, Unicrypt is planning to go public in a few weeks. The move will help attract more investors globally increasing the adoption. Unicrypt is introducing new tools for better services.

More Advancements for Better Presales

Unicrypt has been making excellent project advancements in the past few weeks, with the sole aim of being the best in the business. Foremost, Unicrypt has a new web page designed with utter simplicity for users. This new website is very convenient and user-friendly since it displays all the services properly; thus, easy to access for the users. 

The platform introduces a token vesting feature to work well with all the tools performing presales on the launchpad. Token vesting will help the projects release the locked funds slowly in a predetermined period. 

Mostly, projects vest team tokens to show the community that the project will be reliable in the long term. Therefore, all projects using Unicrypt’s token vesting will prove highly reliable.

The token mint feature is another one of the newest features of the Unicrypt launchpad platform. Unicrypt provides this feature to help both old and new projects mint new tokens. This token minting will help upcoming projects in their presales. 

The Unicrypt team of developers is also always ready to deal with all changes in the system. For instance, when PancakeSwap moved to v2, Unicrypt was deployed in less than 24 hours. All Unicrypt lockers are also free to migrate from v1 to v2.

All these tools and advancements by Unicrypt are to pave the way for better presales for the platform. 

The UNCX and UNCL Tokens

Unicrypt has a dual token system involving the UNCX and UNCL tokens, both of which help in service provision. UNCX is the primary token of the Unicrypt platform, and it helps in powering the platform. UNCX is a deflationary token due to the burn policies instituted. UNCX is currently valued at $770, about 0.21003473 ETH.

UNCL is the second token of the Unicrypt network, provided as an inflationary token. The UNCX and UNCL tokens are a must for persons who want to participate in the presales-A user must hold 3 UNCX or 50 UNCL tokens. 

Social Media Presence

Unicrypt is present in several social media platforms including, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram. The Unicrypt team always updates the community on the new features and other platforms’ developments. Follow their social media now, especially now as they plan to go public.

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