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Two Chinese Crypto Whales Buys Two Islands to Build Special Cryptocurrency Zones

Two anonymous crypto whales in China has bought two islands—-one in the middle of the Caribbean and the other in Japan, in a bid to build a special cryptocurrency zone, according to a source familiar with the situation.


“ They had bargained with government officials of these two countries for a relatively long period of time, but thankfully two deals were done in the end. The two cryptocurrency veterans bought the use-right of two islands for decades with a certain amount of money.” The source said.

It is reported that all transactions on the islands are completed in cryptocurrencies with the acquiescence of financial regulators in these two countries.

“ Governments seek to issue favorable policies to attract batches of blockchain projects to settle in their country. First of all, they need to turn all forms of ‘financial circulation’ into digital currency.” The source said.

Here is the another possibility to realize their ‘dream’: Launch a new blockchain project based on the island, and issue a cryptocurrency used on the place only. No additional tokens will be issued.  As the island becomes more and more prosperous, the value of the token will surge.

“The two islands have been delivered and they will start to implement the ‘special cryptocurrency zone’ plan in the near future.” According to the informed person, both of these two crypto whales have a ‘blockchain dream’ to build a new world. In their negotiations with the two governments, they founder regulators demonstrated a more tolerant attitude towards cryptocurrency.

In addition to Japan and the Caribbean country,  many countries in Southeast Asia and Europe is looking to give a surprising green light to legal cryptocurrency tradings. Southeast Asian countries such as Laos and Philippines have issued operating license to several cryptocurrency exchanges, and Cambodian regulators have mandate all cryptocurrency businesses to obtain regulatory licenses too without banning crypto tradings completely. In Europe, France and Malta put forward more cryptocurrency friendly regulations to attract blockchain startups.

It seems that regulators in many countries start to relax its policy on allowing cryptocurrency trading and other related activities.

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