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Tsinghua University Launched the World’s First Educational Public Blockchain

Tsinghua University, so-called ‘China’s MIT’, has set up the Youth Education Chain League (YEC League) and launched China’s first blockchain innovation experiment platform Youth Education Chain on May 27.641

According to Tsinghua, the YEC is a educational public blockchain as well as a blockchain innovation experiment platform which have been jointly established by various colleges and universities in China. More than 30 higher education institutions have set up their nodes on the YEC to build a worldwide blockchain education and research blockchain through a transparent consensus mechanism.

YEC is based on the underlying code of ethereum blockchain, which is aiming to cultivate blockchain technical talents and provide an open environment for blockchain industrialization innovation, as well as explore new models for further education and scientific research system in the future.

The YEC will also uses the global educational, technological and industrial resources from YEC League to improve their consensus mechanisms constantly, and build correlative prevention mechanisms to avoid the hashing power effect from non college institutions’ web sites. It may effectively prevent some illegal activities which violate their scientific research purposes.

It was also reported that, The Tsinghua blockchain online tutorial class is coming soon, all the blockchain fans across the country will be able to learn more blockchain knowledge from it. The 10-minite online tutorial class combines new modes of online experiment to demonstrate the concept of digital currency, digital transactions, Dapp and smart contract development.

The tutorial class is based on YEC and is designed by Zhong Hong, the director of YEC League research institute and other well-known blockchain experts. The online blockchain tutorial will be launched in June on the Tsinghua’s WeChat official account X-lab.

At that time, YEC may offer a series of service including blockchain learning, experiencing, research and application to students, scientific research institutions, enterprises and government sectors.


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