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Tron’s Founder Explains Why He Is ‘Obsessed’ With Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin

The long-lasting Twitter spat between Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum and Tron’s Founder Justin Sun has has become one of the most entertaining operas in the cryptocurrency sector as the marketing guru Sun makes every effort to hype up his coins, Tron(TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) by belittling the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

Sun told China-based blockchain media ChainDD during the Token 2049 event in Hong Kong that he and Vitalik appreciate each other and they often discuss some crypto-related issues together. Further, he gave the well-known example of ‘avocado’, the fruit that Sun likes to use to make fun of Vitalik.

On the first day of the Token 2049 event, Sun went to the Ethereum Meetup at which Vitalik delivered a speech with a giant human avocado with the Tron logo.

“Vitalik had previously praised BitTorrent several times. He once said he likes avocados, but does not like the avocado producers. I bring lots of avocados to the event in order to share the fruit with him,” Sun said.

Sun’s action and words seem to show his discontent with the founder of Ethereum as Vitalik did not support Sun who led the acquisition of BitTorrent in last July even though he had supported the use of BitTorrent in the past.


During the interview, Sun pointed out the two key factors that help Tron land on the list of mainstream cryptos—an international crypto community and its global reach.

When asked about what is the development plan for BitTorrent in the coming months, Justin stated they are set to bring the users of BitTorrent to the blockchain world in Q2.

“At present, the lack of motivation on the BitTorrent leads users to click the ‘Close’ button immediately after uploading or downloading the materials they need. We hope more and more people will get to know about cryptocurrency and experience it with BitTorrent,” Sun added.

TRX has long been accused of a centralized cryptocurrency with the team holding a large amount of tokens, breaking blockchain’s decentralized nature. Justin emphasized in the interview that Tron is a fully decentralized network, but admitted a community leader such as Ethereum’s Vitalik and EOS’s Daniel Larimer is necessary for a crypto project.

“ The community leader can help amass the resources required and lead the settlement of the project’s key issues .Therefore, I think the existence of a community leader does not conflict with blockchain’s decentralization nature,” Sun said.

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