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TRON Responds to the “Police Raid Beijing Buzz”

July 8, TRON released a statement to clarify the news that many people attempted to enter Raybo, a commercial partner of TRON in China. TRON officials expressed their sympathy and understanding for those who had been deceived, however, the company strongly condemns acts of violence that may be perpetrated as a result of events that are not in its direct control.As video posted online showed that the police evacuated the protestors and protected the security of the Raybo office.TRON Foundation said some of the  protestors were deceived by “ uTorrent Super Community“, a Ponzi scheme claimed itself as a TRON Super Representative.

TRON said it has on multiple occasions warned investors of potential pyramid schemes or illegal activities that attempt to defraud investors under the guise of fast riches using blockchain technology.

According to social media users sharing the footage, officers are present at Tron’s headquarters along with members of the public calling the operation a “scam.”


Videos with crowds surrounded by police officers in the Tron’s office have spread over Twitter, with people apparently coming to express outrage at a local crypto scam that reportedly led to $30 million worth of losses and one suicide.

“Police raids at #Tron offices in Beijing?” CoinSpice founder Hayden Otto wrote on Twitter.

“Additionally, there’s many angry people gathered there who are saying things like ‘Tron is a scam.’”

According to Yahoo!, which cited local newspaper Nuclear Finance, operators of the latter accrued $30 million from investors before making off with the funds. Sun, critics claim, knew about its existence, but did little to warn users that Super Community was not a genuine Tron affiliate.


TRON Super Community was known as “Wave Field Community”, since the original incident and subsequent reporting, with some space to reflect, Sun decided to deliver a more healing message through a spokesperson.

Now Raybo have communicated with the victims to clarify the truth and Raybo has reported the case to the police. Next, Raybo, partner of TRON, will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors with the help of police.


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