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An ‘Uninspiring’ Day of A Crypto Futures Master

Mar 5, 2020

Vincent He

To those who bet big with crypto contracts of getting rich overnight. A user going by the name of “bitsanren” on Chainnode (formerly 8btc forum, the earliest and largest crypto community in China) has shared his one-day heart-stirring contracts trading experience. At 10 a.m., I woke ...

Patience, Perseverance, and My 2 BTC

Mar 3, 2020

lylian Teng

For most of us, it is considerably easier to come up with smaller investment amounts on a regular basis than it is to make a large, lump-sum input. While when it comes to the burgeoning cryptoasset investment, people seem to try to avoid such a regular purchase scheme but bet big with the fantasy ...

Beware of These Chinese Crypto Scams and Possible Exit Scams

Aug 9, 2019

lylian Teng

Crypto scams have been rampant since bitcoin-like cryptocurrency surges in price these years. As cryptocurrencies gain popularity and its underpinning technology blockchain grows, crooks are taking advantage of the nascent and trendy concepts to scam innocents. According to a previous report b...

Check the High-performance Bitcoin Mining Rigs here

Sep 3, 2018

lylian Teng

China, an undisputed world leader in Bitcoin mining, is home to the three largest crypto mining rig manufacturers - Bitmain (Antminer), Canaan (Avalon) and Ebang (Ebit), all having seek to go public in Hong Kong this year. Many competent newcomers like Innosilicon, Whatsminer (Shen...

Chinese Crypto Miners: Story of Exodus

Aug 29, 2018

lylian Teng

China, a good fit for cryptocurrency mining with cheap electricity and land available in remote areas, is now doing its best to drive cryptocurrency out of its territory after escalated government crackdown on cryptos and mining since last September. It is no longer the best place to mine. I...