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Top Failed Cryptocurrencies You May Have Invested

A data collector on crypto exchanges has recently released a list of cryptocurrency coins and tokens ranked by price volatility based on their ICO (initial coin offering) price.

The list rated 217 ICO crypto coins and tokens which have been listed on the top Chinese exchanges including Binance, OKEx, Huobi,, Coinw, and zb.

45 out of the 217 coins failed to hold its ICO price as of May 4, 2018. It is noticeable that most of them sought fundraising during the ICO mania of late 2017 and early 2018, with a rather cheap fundraising price below 1 Chinese yuan ($0.15). It shows the top 3 failure have dropped over 90% from their ICO price.

  • top 10 failed ones: VIU, WFEE, STU, ENT, CTR, SUR, HOTC, STX, PIX, AMM
  • top 10 successful ones: IOTA, NXT, NEO, ETH, SAN, LSK, ADA, MTL, STRAT, BNB

Year 2017 witnesses cryptocurrency market offer the highest ROI (return on investment) to crypto tokens which are pre-sold at a rather low private sale price. Once it’s listed in trading platforms, price would spike dozens of times upon listing and immediate cashing out would earn investors a big bucket.

However, since 2018, nearly 90% of 247 crypto tokens have failed to hold its ICO price, according to a previous report by 8btc. In this context, the rankings aim to provide references for investors on crypto investment.

It is encouraging that most of the exchange-listed cryptocoins are not losing money considering their ICO price, which shows crypto exchanges have played its role in selecting projects with potential.



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