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Top 5 Popular Blockchain Projects Can Create a Long-Lasting Mark

There has been an increase in blockchain projects due to its steady growth and progress in the industry. Many countries have been investing in blockchain implementations. Take China, for example, the country has spent billions on this implementation.  Implementing blockchain gives you the full benefits of your operations,  changes the way we do our things, and lets you use these operations to their full potential. These popular blockchain projects are the top 5 that can create a long-lasting mark in our society today. Blockchain is a technology that allows bitcoin to be in existence, so you can check out the best lending Bitcoin sites to earn interest today!


This is a social networking website that is aimed at giving users the experience to connect with family and friends. This is not just a typical networking website as each user is given a ‘user space’ on the website. This space is treated as a property and the more your engagements (likes, comments, and mentions) increases, the more your value increases. That space, which is treated as a property can be sold, bought, rented, and monetized just like real-life properties.

This website also offers two worlds to the users; The Civilised World and the Grey World. The civilized world has rules and regulations that users must follow, and it allows you to talk to your family, friends and meet new people entirely. The grey world allows you to make your own space and you can be completely anonymous. It preserves the user’s privacy and is very secured. Click here for more information.

Features and Benefits.

  • It is different from other websites as it provides a unique experience for users known as the Civilised World and the Grey World. This is something users should look forward to.
  • It has an innovative concept that allows users to communicate with people and their imagination as well.
  • You get paid weekly through Uhive tokens if you are an active member.


It is known as an International Blockchain Network of Independent Filmmakers (IBNIF). It is aimed at financing, producing, and distributing film projects using tokens. Through this website, filmmakers, producers, cinematographers, investors, writers, and others can come to work together. They can also use this platform as a means to raise funds (as it reduces the production rate from a million dollars to a hundred dollars) for the film and distribute it.

The MovieCash is used to finance the projects that are on the platform. The Lutoken is the main token for functioning the platform’s ecosystem. The Lumiere coin is used for financing movies and the implementation of transactions. The goal of this platform is to create an independent film industry that will bring profits to the creators and make their hard work worth it.

Features and Benefits. 

  • This platform has improved the film industry by making it easier to finance and distribute projects without stress.
  • It is the perfect platform for those in the movie industry business.
  • It is part of the cryptocurrency industry and supports wallet, insurance, mining, etc.


This blockchain is aimed at fighting animal trafficking as the illegal trading of animals has become overboard. It combines the use of blockchain technology and facial recognition to keep the animals registered in the system protected. It is a private sharing app that helps you to find missing animals by sending photos to family and friends’ mobile phones.

CogniPet is also developing an app that will make the tracking of missing pets easier because you can arrange the pictures of the pet in an orderly manner. This way, the system can easily go through the database to find your missing pet.

Features and Benefits.

  • You can store important information about your pet on the Blockchain network.
  • It is a private medium meaning you can choose whomever you want to share the photos of your four-legged friend with!
  • In case of a missing pet, you can send a ‘missing pet notification’ to everyone who uses CogniPet in your neighborhood. They can be on the lookout once they know what the pet looks like
  • The important information on your pet is stored in what they call a ‘passport’ and this certifies that you are the owner of the pet.


Formed by the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of the Mozilla project, this blockchain internet browser has already achieved over 20 million downloads. This browser is secure, guarantees high speed, and rewards users with crypto for watching ads. You do not have to worry about your information being tracked when you use this browser.

Features and Benefits.

  • Blocks ads and trackers but rewards you when you watch an ad voluntarily.
  • It is a fast browser and you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.
  • It supports Chrome extensions and is easy to use.


This is a travel technology company that uses blockchain and tokenization to create an affordable Through this website, hotels can conduct business with their customers directly. GOeureka aims to eliminate commissions and intermediaries with this platform. The customers get to pick the check-in date, the check-out date, the number of guests, and the hotel location.

Features and Benefits.

  • It has over four hundred thousand hotels in different locations so you can easily find one suitable for you.
  • You get to book directly and reduce commission fees.
  • You can earn rewards (GO credits) and exchange them for hotel service or a hotel room.
  • It has an easy process that helps you pick out your desired hotel location and room.
  • All the transactions are done through a contract that is taken care of on the platform.

There are other blockchain projects that you can read about to expand your choices. The 5 platforms listed here will help you to achieve so many things and will also beneficial to you. They will make your day-to-day life interesting, easier, and better depending on the platform you need. Check out these blockchain projects today!

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