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Top 20 Blockchain Companies In China – Hurun Report

Hurun Report has released its first blockchain list over the past weekend in association with Xiha Finance, a Chinese blockchain media. Top 20 blockchain leaders, top 50 blockchain innovators and top 30 blockchain investors of 2018 in China were revealed and awarded.

According to the report, the top 20 blockchain leaders are:

  • BitSE (Qtum/ VeChain)
  • Bitmain
  • Bubi
  • Huawei
  • Canaan
  • Gingkoo
  • JD Finance
  • Ant Financial
  • Oneconnect
  • Qulian/ Hyperchain
  • Beijing rui josie
  • Tai Cloud
  • Tencent
  • Tiande Tech
  • Tongfudun/ Pay Egis
  • Wanxiang Blockchain
  • Yunphant Blockchain
  • China Merchants Bank
  • ZCCP
  • PeerSafe

(In alphabetical order)


Top 20 blockchain leaders

There are big names with classic internet background pioneering to embrace blockchain such as Tencent (China’s instant social messenger giant), Huawei (smartphone maker), (e-commerce giant) and Ant Financial (online payment giant), as well as rising stars like Bitmain (bitcoin mining juggernaut), Canaan (dominant crypto miner maker), Hyperchain (consortium blockchain pioneer), etc.


Top 50 blockchain startups

Onchain (NEO), 8BTC/Bytom (BTM), GXChain (GXS), WaltonChain (WTC) have been ranked among the top 50 blockchain innovators in China.


Top 30 blockchain venture capital

China’s blockchain industry is currently in its full swing. As of the end of March 2018, the number of blockchain companies engaged in blockchain business in the country has reached 456, and industry cluster has been initially formed (as per Whitepaper of Blockchain Industry in China 2018 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology).

Rupert Hoogewerf, aka Hu Run by his Chinese name, the chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, said,

“At present the blockchain industry is still nascent with few widely-used applications in the market, while it has a bright future. Blockchain is a brand new concept globally, it is very likely that these companies who do well in the Chinese market could grow bigger in the global market. Some startups listed today, maybe one day, will grow to be the leader of this industry.”

According to the report, most of the listed companies are committed to the construction of underpinning infrastructure and hardware development.

In terms of regional distribution, Beijing seems to be the hub of leading blockchain companies as 8 out of 20 are based there; Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai are also blockchain-favored cities.


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