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Top 16 Public Blockchain and 10 Blockchain Influencers in China

As blockchain becomes a buzz of today, some choose to invest directly cryptocurrencies underpinned by this innovative technology, or start up blockchain firms, and some of the largest companies are also dabbing in the tech. Big names like Baidu (China’s Google), Alibaba (e-commerce conglomerate) and Tencent (social media giant) have already made their foray into the blockchain sector.

A recent report released by Odaily (a China-based blockchain media outlet) in collaboration with JingData (a financial data provider) aims to find those pathfinders, influencers and potential game changers in this sphere, as the crypto industry is currently undergoing some correction and investors who fancy overnight wealth come down to earth.


Top 16 Public Blockchain

Top 16 public blockchain with most potential include Celer Network, Algorand, Dfinity, Oasis Labs, ThunderCore, Wanchain, VeChain, Nebulas, IOTA, aelf, Zilliqa, Nervos, Ontology, IPFS, Origo Network, taxa.


Top 10 blockchain Venture Capitals (assessed by weighing the fund scale, ROI, investment layout and post-investment management.)

According to the report, the champion of the top 10 VCs with most influence in blockchain sector goes to Sequoia, known in the sphere for its relation with two big names, first a tit-for-tat dispute with world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance this May, and funding Bitmain revealed in reports about the latter’s IPO. The other listed VCs include IDG Capital, Ceyuan Ventures, Matrix China, Gaorong Capital, Inno Hub, DH VC, ZhenFund, Unity Ventures, and Alpha Startups.


Top 10 Crypto Fund, including Fenbushi Capital, FBG Capital, GBIC, Spark Capital, Transference Fund, GENESIS, 8 Decimal Capital, NEO Global Capital, Fundamental Labs, and BA Capital 


Top 5 wallets, Coldlar, imToken, Bitpie, Bixin, and Kcash


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