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Top 10 Blockchain VC In China

According to a report by 36kr, a well-known technology media outlet, the top 10 blockchain VCs are:

1. BKFUND (Trinity, ValueCyber, IRIS, Mytoken, Alchemint)
2. BlockVC(VeChain, Qash, MedicalChain, AppCoins, IoTex)
3. 8 Decimal Capital (ICON, Zilliqa, 0x, Bluezelle,Kyber)
4. GENESIS(Beechat, Data, Aelf, Hydro, Baic)
5. Fenbushi Capital(Circle, Factom, Bubi, Matrix, Vechain)
6. LD Capital(Vechain, Qtum, EOS, GXS, LRC)
7. LinkVC (Aelf, Aicoin, Cortex, Zilliqa,Rcn)
8. Chain Plus (Vechain, IOST, IPFS, Aelf)
9. Viking Capital (NEO, ONT, ARC, HYDRO, APPC)
10.CollinStar Capital (Qtum, OmiseGo, Aeternity, Cybermiles, Powerledger)


According to the statistics of the 36kr Research Institute and the Whale Database, the total amount of financing related to blockchain industry in 2017 exceeded RMB 1.27 billion and 54 financing cases. In the first month of 2018, the financing volume of the blockchain industry reached 680 million yuan and 19 financing events, which is more than the total number in 2016.

In this evaluation, we sent an invitation to 68 investment institutions active in the field of blockchain. Through the analysis of 1,672 projects, the top 10 blockchain VCs are assessed by weighing the number of projects, total investment, ROI, project influence, and exit status.

Among the 68 institutions on the list, 13% were newly established in 2018. 43% were established in 2017, equivalent to the sum of funds established in the past three years. There are 7 funds with a management scale of more than 1 billion CNY, and 59% are managing 100 million to 1 billion CNY.

In terms project, the industry is divided into three layers: the underlying technology and infrastructure layer, general application and technology extension layer, and vertical industry application layer.

1) Underlying technologies and infrastructure layer: mainly include the protocol code and infrastructure hardware that lays down the foundation of blockchain.

2) Universal application and technology extension layer: Applications that make blockchain products more practical and easier for developers to build applications.
3) Vertical industry application layer: Practical industrial applications based on blockchain.

36kr found that investment institutions favored the first and third categories, both accounting for 36% and the second category accounted for 28%. For example, 8 Decimal Capital invests more in category one while Fenbushi Capital invests more in Category 2 and 3.
Judging from the location of projects, 43% is located in China, followed by Singapore and the United States, which are 25% and 16% respectively. The remaining projects are located in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The globalization of investment institutions has become a trend.


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