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The World’s First Major NFT Art Exhibition to Take Place in Beijing Next Month

The huge surge in popularity non-fungible tokens have seen in the past few weeks has been evident both in major market movements and the rise in new NFT projects across the globe. The NFT craze has quickly spread to Asia as well, with platforms racing to capture the loose capital flowing around the Asian crypto market.

The latest major event to take place in Asia is scheduled for the beginning of April and will see a slew of the world’s leading NFT artists showcase their latest work. The UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing will host the world’s first NFT art exhibition titled  “Virtual Niche—Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?” Artnet magazine has billed the event as “the world’s first major institutional crypto-art exhibition,” noting that the event format has the potential to grow alongside the NFT ecosystem.

UCCA’s event will feature works by over 60 different artists, including Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple. The artist made headlines last months for his digital work titled “Everydays: The First 5,000 days,” as it was the first-ever purely digital work of art to go on auction at Christie’s. The artwork sold for $69 million earlier this week, making it by far the most expensive non-fungible token ever sold on the crypto market. Christie’s said that the sale price positioned Winkelmann to be “among the top three most valuable living artists.” Last week, another Beeple NFT sold on Nifty gateway, an online marketplace for digital art, for $6.6 million.

Some of the other artists who will have their work put on view during the exhibition are DJ deadmau5, Mario Klingemann, Robbie Barrat, Pak, Ferocious, and Mad Dog Jones. However, despite the big names participating, the biggest draw will definitely be “Everydays—The 2020 Collection.” The collection will feature a selection of Beeple’s daily digital drawing series that sold for $69 million. Most of the work is on loan from Metapurse, a cryptocurrency-exclusive fund. The fund purchased 20 first-edition artworks from Beeple on Nifty Gateway for $2.2 million back in December last year and is now selling tokens for “shared ownership” of the bundle.

Elliot Safra, a partner at AndArt Agency, which helped organize the show, said that he hopes the exhibition will help bring crypto art from the fringes into the mainstream.

“As generational tastes shift, we felt it important to support an exhibition that showcases a demographic’s interest that has had little previous institutional examination,” he said in a statement.

The NFT and crypto art exhibition will be hosted through the UCCA Lab, UCCA’s interdisciplinary platform for new kinds of art-adjacent collaboration. Sun Bohan, the CEO of crypto-art company BlockCreateArt, will act as the curator of the exhibition, while the Digital Finance Group and Winkcrypto crypto platforms will be co-hosting the show.

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