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The Upcoming Whatsminer M50S May Surpass Antminer S19

Chinese bitcoin miner maker Whatsminer’s next-generation main product M50S has started research and development at the beginning of the year 2020, and it may release trial production at the end of the year. Futures are scheduled to be sold at the beginning of next year and delivered in the middle of the year.

M50S will adopt Samsung’s 8nm chip, and its energy efficiency ratio may be upgraded to about 30J/T. In terms of the current bitcoin price, the M50S’s price may increase on the basis of m30s. Whatsminer may also launch an upgraded version of m30s before this.

At present, the high-end market of bitcoin mining machines is monopolized by Whatsminer and Bitmain. Only these two companies can produce mining machines with efficiency within 40J/T. The two companies rely on Samsung and TSMC, the only two high-end wafer manufacturers in the world. As the current crypto market bull run, products from the two companies are difficult to get.

At present, TSMC’s 5nm has started mass production, and Bitmain is also the first company to adopt TSMC 5nm. In contrast, Samsung’s development of 7Nm and 5nm was unsuccessful, therefore, the next generation of Whatsminer M50S still adopts Samsung’s 8nm chip.

Although performance, stability of S19 is satisfactory, due to the disputes between Bitmain’s two co-founders, mining machine can not be delivered as schedule, to some extent, Bitmain missed the bull market in 2020. At present, Wu Jihan took it back to Beijing bitmain as a legal person and successfully rebuilt the supply chain and factory that had been taken away by Micree Zhan.

However, the follow-up struggle between the Bitmain’s two co-founders may still bring about variables. What’s worse is that the research and development is stagnant in Bitmain. The company originally planned to fabricate 5nm bitcoin chip in September, but the progress has been delayed and the quality cannot be guaranteed. This has also brought opportunities to other bitcoin miner maker like Whatsminer, Canaan. If M50S (30J/T) is successfully launched, it will surpass S19 (34.5J/T), the main type of Antminer.

In the past, TSMC’s high-end capacity was monopolized by Bitmain. In this case, competing for TSMC’s 7nm/5nm high-end capacity next year has become an important choice for other bitcoin miner manufacturers. However, judging from the adoption of 8 nm chip in M50S, Whatsminer still seems to be completely a Samsung’s customer. However, Whatsminer’s capacity is also seriously insufficient in 2020.

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