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The Lucky 2021 Bull NFTs by Stobox designed to bring perpetual Luck, Success, and Wealth


An award-winning tokenization provider Stobox announced issuing The Lucky 2021 Bull collectable NFTs. This unique combination of ancient beliefs and symbols with the cutting edge technology corresponds to the modern spirit of reshaping traditional industries with innovation.

Following this spirit, Stobox is focused on uniting traditional and innovative finance. In 2021, Stobox is going to vastly expand to new markets with its Crypto Exchange and security token marketplace, powered by the STBU token. This Lucky 2021 Bull was designed to bring perpetual Luck, Success, and Wealth to anyone who holds it. This way Stobox wants to share its success with everybody around.
Lucky 2021 Bulls will be distributed in a form of limited-edition merchandise NFTs in December 2020. Subscribe to Stobox in Telegram and Twitter to not miss the updates.

The Lucky Bull embodies powerful symbols of luck from ancient cultures. Its meaning is explained below.

The Bull is an animal of the family Bovidae. In modern culture, the image of a bull is popular in Asian countries and meaningfully present in the life of people in Southeast Asia. Inspired by the Japanese lucky symbols, this Bull is an embodiment of the God of Luck and Wealth. The Bull also carries two Japanese lucky symbols, the Uchide no Kozuchi Hammer and 5 Yen Coin. The lucky hammer Uchide no Kozuchi helps its owners to be rich and prosperous for a lifetime. Legend says that if you hold a small hammer, shake it and make a wish, that wish will come true. The Japanese 5 Yen coin is considered one of the 10 luckiest coins in the World with the meaning of always being lucky and rich.

The pronunciation that is read as “go-en” means “the good is about to happen”, while the round hole in the coin also implies “looking into the future”.

The accent color used is yellow, also known as the color of Luck and Wealth in East Asia. Although this Bull has a bold Asian culture, he is armored with modern and mechanical details to help bring the feeling of both traditions and future in the hope that these fortunes would not only exist in the past or present but endure to the future.

The Lucky 2021 Bull was designed by Nguyễn Ngoc Linh, a talented young artist from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Linh studies art at Hao Sen University and focuses on Asian artworks. The Lucky Bull was created in partnership with Gene Deyev for Stobox Technologies Inc.

The Lucky 2021 Bull Collection
The Lucky 2021 Bull Label — 10,000 units
The Lucky 2021 Bull Black Label — 1000 units
The Lucky 2021 Bull Hoodie — 100 units
The Lucky Bull NFT holders will have additional preferences from Stobox. From higher rankings and referrals within Stobox Exchange to special discounts on Stobox services.

Stobox is among the most prominent advisory and technology tokenization companies, recognized as “Asset Tokenization of the Year 2019” and as one of the top-10 Maltese startups of 2020. The purpose of the company is to create products that bring efficiency and democratization to the financial market. In its journey, Stobox advises governments on legislation, builds a network of institutional partnerships, and develops unique products that include Digital Securities Dashboard, advanced crypto exchange, world’s first P2P Securities Marketplace.
Compliant fundraising solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment funds, and real estate developers from an award-winning company.


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