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The First Chinese Bitcoin Documentary Provides Glimpse Into the Future

After the announcement that John McAfee will be attending the Blockchain Global Summit on 10 September, Bitkan release the trailer of the first Chinese Bitcoin documentary: Shape the Future. The documentary provides a panoramic view of the development of Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in China: the country with No.1 hashrate in the Bitcoin realm.

Fanny Yu, Co-CEO of Bitkan, tells 8btc the story behind the scene.The idea of shooting a blockchain documentary was originated from her attendance to a blockchain conference in Argentina in 2016.

Fanny Yu, Co-CEO of Bitkan

“I mentioned some major events in China and explain why Bitcoin was popular in China. I also told them the regulatory document released in 2013 that caused the flash crash. And I found the audiences know very little of what’s happening in China but they are eager to know.”

She was surprised at the misconceptions around the Chinese cryptocurrency communities and determined to bridge the information gap with oversea countries. A documentary film seems to be the right vehicle. Then the filming has been initiated in February Beijing.

“A very distinctive feature of the documentary is that you can hear voices from outsiders. “

Fanny told 8btc that interview with outsiders like financial analysts, big data scholars and legal counsel could present a more comprehensive picture of the public perception of bitcoin and blockchain. Also many well-known celebrities in the Bitcoin circle will present their first show on screen.

As the country that host the majority of hashrate of Bitcoin network, China has witnessed the booming of mining farms. It’s reported that most of the mining farms are located in Sichuan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, where cheap energy is abundant.



Another indispensable element of the community is the user group. Bitcoin has no border and extends wherever there are connection with internet, which also applies to those foreigners who tries to spend bitcoin in China. Foreign Bitcoiners  share their experience when they are using BTC in China.

“The film will be subtitled with Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.”

Fanny said.

With mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, netowork congestion becomes the hurdle for its wider acceptance. Roadmaps of onchain scaling and offchain scaling are presented and explored. Seasoned traders and miners share their thoughts on the year-long debate between segwit and Bitcoin unlimited.


The last chapter reviews the thriving of blockchain-based applications and startups. Will the dominant position of Bitcoin be overthrown by other cryptocurrencies with innovative features?

Bitcoin survive due to growing support from grass-root adopters. But enterprise players has been driving the awareness of the blockchain technology  since 2016.


Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitman, introduce Blockchain Technology

Lots of precious moments are captured in the film. The trailer provides a glimpse into the bitcoin community in China.

Will Bitcon and blockchain change the world?

“Trust is being re-defined by blockchain technology, which will reshape the future of Internet.”

Fanny is full of confidence.

Be the first batch of audience to watch the premiere on the Blockchain Summit in Beijing, 10 September.

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