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The First Bitcoin Meetup in Fuzhou, China This Thursday Welcomes Friends Who Miss Out the Bitkan Conference

Already booked your flight to the Beijing Bitkan conference? Can’t get a refund on “nonrefundable” airline ticket? Don’t want to risk overstaying your visa in China? Book a train ticket and come to Fuzhou. The first Fuzhou bitcoin meetup will be held on this Thursday, September 7 at Cali Fresh Daminglu, Gulou District, Fuzhou City. 

Remember the college student who bought the first cup of coffee with Bitcoin four years ago in Beijing?

You are right. It’s Jake! He will fly all the way from Shenzhen to Fuzhou to make Fuzhou’s first ever retail transaction using Bitcoin Cash (BCC). It seems like someone really enjoys making history.

CCTV2 & Jake

Worried that Jake will brainwash you to buy Bitcoin Cash? No worry at all. Even if Jake doesn’t speak anything about BCC, Jacob—boss of Cali Fresh will! Jacob says that everyone is supposed to download a BCC wallet. If you don’t know how to do that, he will help you get one. And you could give him fiat money to buy some BCC from him. He is just soooo considerate, or simply a control freak? Must find out the truth in person.

Check out some of the highlights of the party

1) Get half off on ALL DRINKS when you use Bitcoin cash (or other accepted cryptocurrencies) to pay.

2) Live raffle of a new in box Ledger Nano S cold storage wallet!(worth~690 RMB)

3) High stakes Mario Kart! May the best driver win huge bags of digital gold.

4) Beer pong, Competitive dancing, etc. party games with bitcoin prizes.

You are intrigued? But seriously know nothing about Bitcoin? Come anyway so you won’t miss out on how I give Jacob a black eye. He says something very nice about 8btc, but clearly he didn’t do homework. We are not based in Shanghai! Tell me where 8btc is when you see me in Fuzhou, or BLACK EYE!

JACOB is over



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