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Tencent Launched Its First Blockchain-based Crypto Pet Mobile Game

April 23, Chinese internet and gaming giant Tencent launched its first blockchain-based mobile game called ‘Fairy Hunt’ in the UP Conference._副本

This game uses artificial intelligence (AI) image recognition technology, Location Based Service (LBS), Augmented Regulation (AR) and blockchain technology to provide users a new game experience. A total of 110.5 billion unique digital fairies will be placed on the blockchain for users to breed and collect. Every user would get an unique digital cat fairy to train and this little fairy could also breed new digital fairies, quite similar with other blockchain based crypto pet games. For example, the Ethereum-powered virtual game CryptoKitties.

The predecessor of this game is an AR/ LBS game, although there are a few difference in the gameplay, for example, the graphics in the new version become more detail and engaging,but it is still quite similar with the famous mobile game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go went popular and made an annual income of $1 billion USD soon after its launches in July 2016. Recently, Google provided a new Google Maps SDK for Pokemon Go which allows developers to add an augmented reality component.

Not surprisingly, Tencent also wants to take advantage of this to build a augmented reality location-based services (AR/LBS) game. However, simply copy the Pokemon Go’s gameplay could not attract large amount of users. At this point, blockchain technology can be used as a selling point.

According to Tencent, users can search for and capture virtual fairies in a augmented reality game scene by using their cellphone camera. The inspiration of game characters are drawn from classic Chinese fairy stories which includes Seven Calabash Brothers, the Dragon Girl, and Daji.152447181732253-2

As a blockchain-based mobile game, Tencent’s new game still sharing the characteristics of cryptocurrency mining and crypto pet games. The process of fairy collecting is the process of mining cryptocurrency, digital fairy in this game could also be bred as other crypto pets. The beta version of this game would be launched in May in Chengdu.

Every fairy is unique and can be seen as crypto collectibles which could be stored in blockchain perpetually. This kind of crypto games make blockchain accessible and relevant to everyday consumers.


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