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Tencent Embarks on Web3 Blockchain Recruitment Exercise

Chinese tech giant Tencent has continued its foray into the world of emerging technologies. The flagship company has done so by launching another recruitment exercise to fill key developmental positions. In this milestone event, the positions that are open at Tencent revolve around Web3, an emerging field in the world of innovation.

The available positions which have been advertised on Tencent’s recruitment website include Web3 blockchain product planning, Web3 blockchain data analysis, Web3 blockchain bottom-level R&D engineer, Web3 blockchain front-end development engineer, Web3 blockchain middle and back-end R&D engineer, Web3 blockchain smart contract development engineer, among several other positions.

These positions are more specialized areas that deal with emerging technologies and require specific skills. Therefore, applicants are expected to be familiar with blockchain frameworks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cosmos. The conditions also stipulate that underlying development experience is preferred for anyone who may wish to fill any of the advertised positions.

Applicants are also expected to be proficient in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) principles and Solidity smart contract language and developmental library. Relevant project experience, adequate knowledge, and skill on Ethereum NFT, and experience in decentralized finance (DeFi) development also give an edge to anyone willing to fill any of the available positions.

According to the post made by Tencent, part of the responsibilities for some of these positions will include research on Web3-related industry trends and competing products both within and outside of China. They will also be involved with product research, planning, output prototypes, and PRDs for distributed projects such as Web3.

Their work will also include the development of blockchain address portrait models, through the mining of address transaction data. They will also be responsible for and participate in researching innovative features like blockchain scalability and cross-chain communication, in addition to contract development based on the compliant consortium chain EVM.

The recruitment information made available by Tencent also covers the area of Tencent Games which is already spread across social media platforms. This department is directly recruiting talents in Web3 but is not related to chain games. The focus at the moment is on overseas Web3 exploration.

This recent act by Tencent is only one among the various activities that are ongoing within the industry in the exploration, adoption, and implementation of emerging technologies. Tencent remains one of the foremost establishments that is involved in developments around blockchain technology in China. It is one of the major players in the developing NFT space in China, working vigorously to ensure that the industry develops within the regulatory frameworks as permitted by the government.

Tencent’s cooperation with the government goes beyond compliance and working within the boundaries of instituted regulation. In a recent development, the company made public the ongoing work to integrate the digital yuan on its social media platform, WeChat App. It is also one of the frontline tech companies involved in China’s Metaverse project, having secured several patents and instituted initial efforts in development.

The ongoing recruitment exercise is a testament to the company’s efforts in establishing a major position in the industry. This could be fundamental to the future of the industry, especially in China, considering the occurrences within the blockchain space in the region over the past year.


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