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 “Tech Glove” From Russia Won First Price of Bytom’s Challenge at Junction 2018 Hackathon

November 25, Europe’s biggest hackathon event, Junction concluded in Helsinki, Finland. The lasting 48-hour international hackathon brought together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world with many brilliant ideas and great enthusiasm.

Bytom, as a participant from the blockchain sector, gained a lot in the big event. “Tech Glove” team from Russia won the first prize of Bytom‘s challenge, taking home 2,000 EUR worth BTM bounty. The team built a platform to realize efficient and secured interaction between startups and investors via the adoption of Bytom’s smart contract.


A day before during the intense contest, the organizer Junction find an opportunity to sit down with the representative of Bytom together with NEO and PChain to talk about the development status of their projects and feelings about Junction. Zhong Lifei, operation manager of Bytom, said in the interview that the atmosphere at Junction was contagious, free, hardworking and innovative, which are features of the real hacker spirit.

At the same time, Bytom also met many friends active in Bytom community, as well as student developers from top universities around the world. In the future, Bytom will pay more attention to universities and hope more excellent young developers can join Bytom to have a more robust ecosystem.


Two Russian teams were quite eye-catching among participants in Bytom’s challenge. One is the winner team “Tech Glove”. Though it is composed of student developers who have freshly graduated this June, the team has been veteran in such hackathons and this was the fourth one of such kind they participate. This student team had internships in Hyperledger in college time. At Junction, they worked around the clock with great enthusiasm in the intense 48 hours. The team, combining the challenge of the “Future City” Division, managed to realize efficient interaction between startups and their investors via the smart contract of Bytom.

Another team, having developed two projects based on Ethereum, is somewhat experienced in blockchain development though it was their first time to participate in Junction. They were attracted by Bytom and decided to work on Bytom’s challenge at the venue. In their view, Bytom is different from Ethereum. They admitted they knew little about Bytom, but the project is quite compelling. In their solution, the team hopes to migrate fingerprint info onto blockchain in an effort to solve the problem of individual identity fraud.


Before the final result was announced, Bytom and 8btc News were invited to attend the Junction VIP Party together with partners including Facebook, Accenture, Ericsson, Nokia, etc. Junction CEO Iiro Nurmi made a brief summary of the event and thanked all the partners. During the event, Bytom also had a delightful conversation with Andreas Saari, CEO of Slush, the largest venture capital conference in Europe. Andreas showed great interest in cooperation with Bytom and 8btc in the future.


At the end of the competition, Tech Glove stood out among many participants. The team’s solution was prominent in the use of smart contracts, user interface design, project innovation and completion. Zhong Lifei, Bytom’s operation manager, spoke highly of the creativity and courage of the Russian student developers to work on challenges in different fields at the same time, and finally rated the team as the first place. The team could bring home BTM award equivalent to 2000 euros. To these participants with potential, Bytom said it would like to provide further support to help them incubate projects and become a part of Bytom ecology.



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    “Tech Glove” From Russia Won First Price of #Bytom’s Challenge at Junction 2018 #hackathon …

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  • Lesha
    4 years ago Lesha

    country proud of its sons! Who are these guys, I want to chat with them and write an article! Please give them my contacts. Let them contact me. I live in Moscow! I’m waiting!

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    4 years ago A.Samburov

    Поздравляю ребят! Приятно однако!

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