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Taiwanese Bitcoin Investor Wrathfully Fired 7 Shots After Losing 10 Million CNY

Taipei – Taiwan police have arrested four men over a shooting case in which the suspect attempted to shoot his business partner for his failure in bitcoin investment and thus losing 10 million RMB (US$1,593,295).

Luckily the victim surnamed Wu was only shot at the foot with non-life-threatening injuries; and another man had bruises from stray bullet.

Bitcoin has soared since it came into being in 2009, attracting investors young and old swarming into this digital gold rush.

The 32-year-old Taiwanese named Gao Qitang also joined this game by pouring 10 million RMB (US$1,593,295) in a bitcoin mining company operated by Wu. Wu was mainly in charge of bitcoin mining machines, and he didn’t expect that bitcoin dived so much in the past days. Stuck with the worst stuff, Gao intended to withdraw his investment. But the two failed to reach a consensus over withdrawal fund after several negotiations, and they made another negotiation on April 14.

Resenting Wu “cheating” his money in bitcoin investment, plus his disrespect for arranging the meeting at a place to honor the deceased, Gao felt insulted and found three gangsters to help him take revenge on Wu. As soon as they met, Gao immediately took out a pistol and fired 7 shots towards Wu. Wu was shot on the foot and another man had bruises from bullet. Both lives are in no danger after medical treatment.

Police arrested the four suspects the following day and charged them with violation of firearms control regulations and attempted murder.

Wu told police that he had no intention in default and blame the strict control from the mainland China for the price fluctuate.

Prior to that, Taiwan saw its first bitcoin robbery earlier in February, according to reports, in which a crypto investor was assaulted and threatened to transfer 18 bitcoins worth NT$5 million. It is reported Taiwan has been stepping up to regulate bitcoin.



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