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Prepare as STOs Gain Traction

Jan 22, 2019

Olusegun Ogundeji

The application of the security token offering - or STO - as a crowdfunding method is gaining traction and industry insiders think it will be more popular starting 2019. The fundraising tool will ride on the success of the initial coin offering - or ICO - model but with regulations that hold...

Huobi CFO: STO would Become the Mainstream in 3 to 4 Years

Oct 31, 2018


Earlier this month, the Singapore-headquartered world leading cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced that they have completed the stock acquisition of Pantronics Holdings Limited. The 600-Million Hong Kong stock acquisition causes an immediate sensation in within the crypto commun...

tZero Adviser Jor Law Unlocks Secrets of the Hottest STO

Oct 30, 2018


Jor Law, is a well-known figure in the securities token offering (STO) ecosystem.  The co-founder of, a tZERO subsidiary, Jor also is an advisor/consultant with tZERO as well as other prominent companies in the space such as Polymath and Prime Trust.  He ty...