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The point of view from PBOC’s VP on digital currency launching

Jan 26, 2018


In recent years, central banks and monetary authorities in major countries and regions are researching on and developing issuance of digital fiat currency. Central Banks in some great nations like Singapore and the Sweden, have already conducted some relevant experiments. The People's Ban...

China is Escalating Clampdown on Crypto OTC Activities

Jan 17, 2018


The prospect of regulatory crackdown on digital tokens in China appeared to spread only four months later after the ICO ban. On 16th of January , a number of digital assets trading platforms told 21st Century Business Herald that, Chinese regulatory authorities recently show a ...

Coinone CEO : No Ban On Cryptocurrency Trading In South Korea Yet

Jan 12, 2018


Dear bitcoiners, don’t be panic! The South Korean government has officially announced this morning that there will be no cryptocurrency trading ban in the near term , and this news was also confirmed by the CEO of Coinone, the third largest virtual currency exchange in that country. ...