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Bitcoin Slips Below $8000 Amid Oil Price War

Mar 9, 2020

Vincent He

Affected by the coronavirus spread and the unsuccessful negotiations between oil countries, the global economy was hit again. Bitcoin, which is regarded as "digital gold" is not spared. According to QKL123’s data, in the past 24 hours, bitcoin has fallen from a high of $8800 to a low of $7...

Bitcoin Breaches $7000 Against Odds

Aug 29, 2018

Olusegun Ogundeji

It's been on a slow and steady rise for the past week but the price of Bitcoin has finally crossed the $7,000 resistance level on Tuesday Aug. 28 after almost three weeks on the $6,000 and $6,800 range. Aside that it comes after Morgan Creek Capital Management announced a new digital asset ...