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China central bank to release digital currency prototype in 2017

Jan 6, 2017

Red Li

Back in August 2016, Fan Yifei, Vice President fo People’s Bank of China, has written an article elaborating the theoretical basis and framework selection of China’s fiat digital currency. He says that the legal framework of China's legal digital currency tends to follow "central bank ...

PBOC aims to develop digital currency

Nov 16, 2016


China's central bank is recruiting blockchain experts to step up efforts to develop an official digital currency. The People's Bank of China's institute of printing science is offering six positions for the design and development of digital currency-related software and hardware framework, a...

Proposed New Chinese Law Defines Bitcoin as Virtual Property

Jul 28, 2016


Virtual properties and data, including digital currencies, could be officially “People’s Rights” in China, following the publication of a new Civil Code General Provisions Draft. This gives citizens greater legal protection over non-physical property. ‘Civil Rights Objects’ I...