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Defi Frenzy Makes ETH Miners Laugh

Aug 13, 2020

lylian Teng

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is booming at a startling rate, ETH transaction fees are also skyrocketing with the price of moving tokens around on the Ethereum blockchain continuing to balloon. Data shows that the transaction fees have recently accounted for over half of the ...

Global Bitcoin Mining Industry Regroupes After the 3rd Halving

Aug 11, 2020

Vincent He

The Bitcoin mining landscape has changed substantially since the 3rd halving in May. Though on the whole, the volume of bitcoin mining industry has kept an upward trend, profound changes have taken place in the distribution of computing power, the number of miner groups and the composition of mi...

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Dropped, Is a Bullish Period ahead?

Jun 6, 2020


Bitcoin’s mining difficulty dropped 9.29% yesterday, making it the fourth negative difficulty adjustment the network experienced in 2020. The difficulty, data has shown, went down from 15.14T to 13.74T. However, the drop in mining difficulty will spell good news for miners who have access t...