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Ebang Announces the Launch of a New 6 NM Bitcoin Mining ASIC Chip

Mar 19, 2021

One of China’s leading manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining hardware has announced the launch of a completely new chip that will offset its previous models both by hash rate and efficiency. According to a press release published on March 17th, Ebang, China’s second-largest ASIC-chip ma...

Xinyuan Technology Buys 580M Yuan Worth of Filecoin Miners

Mar 19, 2021

Xinyuan Technology Co., a computer hardware company based in Shenzhen, has just signed a huge deal with Sesumg, a Jiangxi-based electronic component manufacturer. According to a report from AI Express, Xinyuan announced that they have signed a sales contract for a “Distributed Storage ...

Bitcoin Miners Are Moving From China To Nordic Countries

Dec 30, 2020

Bitcoin mining is gradually shifting base. From being concentrated in China, miners have started a gradual but steady migration to countries that present more friendly conditions for their industry. The two major factors that have determined the situation of Bitcoin mining farms over the yea...

Defi Frenzy Makes ETH Miners Laugh

Aug 13, 2020

lylian Teng

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is booming at a startling rate, ETH transaction fees are also skyrocketing with the price of moving tokens around on the Ethereum blockchain continuing to balloon. Data shows that the transaction fees have recently accounted for over half of the ...

Global Bitcoin Mining Industry Regroupes After the 3rd Halving

Aug 11, 2020

Vincent He

The Bitcoin mining landscape has changed substantially since the 3rd halving in May. Though on the whole, the volume of bitcoin mining industry has kept an upward trend, profound changes have taken place in the distribution of computing power, the number of miner groups and the composition of mi...