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The Crypto Community Is Outraged With Coinbase’s Downtime

May 11, 2020


Bitcoin has had a rough weekend, where signs of a potential bull run have quickly wiped out by a dramatic downward spiral. While many were expecting Bitcoin to jump over the $10,000 mark in anticipation of the halving, the market did a complete turn and went down headfirst.  More than 10% of...

bZx Will be Absorbing the Losses of the $2.5M Attack

Mar 11, 2020

Protocol for tokenized margin trading and lending —bZx has begun to pick up the pieces and get back to work following two consecutive attacks that drained $2.5 million from its funds last month. According to the company, the attackers took out a loan of 11,500 ETH in two separate attacks....

12 South Korean Crypto Exchanges Passed the Regulatory Reviews

Jul 12, 2018


The Korea Blockchain Association (KBA) affirms the security standards of 12 cryptocurrency exchanges on Wednesday, including major players such as Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit and Gopax. According to their report, 12 out of 14 Korean crypto exchanges have shown positive result in the re...

OKEx Former CEO Joined Huobi 7 Days After His Sudden Resignation

May 21, 2018


Chris Lee, the former CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, announced he has joined Huobi Group as the secretary of the board and the vice president of international business development on May 21. According to a statement, Lee is mainly in charge of financing, merge...

Fenbushi Capital: Japan’s Blockchain Industry Report

Nov 13, 2017


At present, the attention on blockchain technology is increasing, and it is rapidly popularized in all countries around the world. The total value of Bitcoin is over 100 billion dollars; it grew 5 times to more than 10 million users compared to the beginning of the year. Central banks and financ...

Huobi Terminates CNY Trading And Transforms Into An Media Outlet

Nov 1, 2017


October 31th news, Huobi China (Huobi) issued an announcement about they would terminate CNY trading at 24:00, October 31th, 2017.  September 4th, 2017, the People's Bank of China and other seven ministries issued a notice on "the prevention of the risk of ICO", requiring to termi...

Threes Ways to Generate Fake Transactions at Bitcoin Exchanges

Mar 15, 2017


The year of 2017 has witnessed a rise of 194% in bitcoin price, which has taken the lion’s share of the media. The daily transaction of big bitcoin exchanges could amount up to 30 billion RMB. Fake transaction is an invisible hand behind this growth. Bitcoin industry insiders revealed tha...