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Chinese ETH Miners Invest More in Machines as Gas Price Dumps

Oct 14, 2020

Vincent He

Ethereum gas prices have declined to 36Gwei, the three-month low since the DeFi boom, falling 93% from the peak. However, the data on the chain shows Ethereum network hashrate continues to grow, and the miners are frantically investing more in machines. According to the data from QKL...

ETH Withdrawal Frenzy in China as DEX Mining Runs Rampant

Sep 8, 2020

Vincent He

In the early morning of June 6, Chinese users found they had difficulties in withdrawing coins from some crypto CEXes (Centralized Exchange). It was reported that the ETH futures in Huobi could not be cancelled, another centralized exchange OKEx also suspended the withdrawal of ETH...

Ethereum Miners Are Making $800,000 Per Hour

Sep 2, 2020


The daily revenue from Ethereum transaction fees more than doubled in just one day—and it keeps growing. Just a day after yielding over half a million dollars in transaction fees in one hour, Ethereum miners’ average hourly revenue surged to $800,000 today, according to crypto analytics...

Potential Risk Behind Ethereum Price Pump

Aug 6, 2020

Vincent He

In the past two weeks, the price of Ethereum has pumped by 78%, in addition to the currency price, Ethereum's trading volume and number of active addresses boom as well. DeFi has become the key to support the rejuvenation of Ethereum. The decentralized consensus mechanism and perfect infra...

DeFi Bubble Fueled by Token Value Growth

Aug 3, 2020


Is TVL really the most valuable metric in DeFi? Compound’s COMP token recently triggered a massive yield farming effect within the DeFi ecosystem. Numerous headlines suggested the category had reached an all-time high value. According to, the DeFi sector has now s...

Ethereum Miner in Short Supply as ETH Hits 2020 High

Jul 28, 2020

Vincent He

The price of Ethereum has reached a new yearly high at $325, surpassing the previous high achieved in February 2020. In addition, more information about Ethereum 2.0 is disclosed recently, and after the popularity of DeFi, GAS fees began to approach the peak in 2018. Now the popularity...