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Fomo3D Winner Pockets 10,469 ETH with 0.8 ETH Bet, Lucky or Hacky?

Aug 23, 2018

lylian Teng

The first round of recent popular game Fomo3D has ended at 14:48 (GMT+8) August 22. 10,469 ETH was sent to the winner’s address. This lucky winner pocketed in nearly $3 million (at the time of writing) simply because he/she bought the last key of the round. “That’s the largest legiti...

P2P Crypto Loan Is Secretly Thriving in China

Aug 21, 2018

lylian Teng

Startups and P2P lenders are reportedly turning to provide crypto-loan service in the recent sluggish economy. Investors who are urgent for cash could borrow 50%-70% of the total bitcoin value. The past few months saw a spate of P2P platform collapses in China because of tightened regulat...

Bitcoin Bull Comes Back in Q2 2019?

Aug 18, 2018

lylian Teng

The valuation of the crypto market has dropped to around US$200 billion from an all-time high of over $800 billion this January, shrinking 75%. A plurality of panic-striken projects based on Ethereum are massively cashing out their ETH, which led to the dramatic price drop in ETH with...

Switching to Altcoins? Can They Sustain Upward Trend?

Jun 16, 2017


When attended The Global Blockchain Conference of 2017 in Chengdu, I met some new faces who just stepped into the cryptocurrency world. The next thing I knew, I was besieged with a barrage of questions about investment in cryptocurrencies. Is it a good idea to buy Bitshares? Is R...