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What Can We Learn from the $25Mln dForce Hack

May 1, 2020

lylian Teng

A hack on the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol saw $25 million in cryptocurrencies exit its wallets over three hours on April 19. Curiously, almost all the stolen assets were returned two days later with a message “Better Future”, for reasons that weren't made fully clear. Since t...

Hacker Returns All $25 Million Stolen From DeFi Protocol dForce

Apr 22, 2020

Almost all of the $25 million stolen from the DeFi protocol dForce over the weekend has been returned by the hacker. According to data from Ethereum blockchain scanner Etherscan, a large number of transactions were sent from an address called “Lendf.Me Hacker 1” to the administrator addr...

DeFi Protocol loses $25 Million after ERC777 exploit

Apr 20, 2020

DeFi protocol—dForce which brands itself as an integrated platform for decentralized lending protocols, lost nearly 99.9% of the total value locked in the protocol today. The platform recently raised funds and the team was called one most capable ones, earlier this week.  The ERC777 ...

Multicoin Capital’s Investment in dForce: The DeFi Super-Network

Apr 15, 2020

Multicoin Capital

This post was originally published by Mable Jiang on Multicoin Capital's blog. Click here to read the post.  Today I’m excited to announce that Multicoin Capital led a $1.5M round in dForce, the world’s first unified network for open finance protocols. Coinvestors include our frie...