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Why China’s Central Exhange DeFi Offerings Seem Half Baked

Sep 21, 2020


Two types of DeFi players emerged in China during the past few weeks: the OGs who are busy claiming airdropped UNI tokens, the governance token of Uniswap; and the newbies who are scratching their heads trying to get in the game but can’t because of high gas fees, or lack of know-how. ...

Liquidity Mining in Chinese Traditional Crypto Miners’ Eyes

Sep 15, 2020

Vincent He

Liquidity Mining has evolved into a low rumble as more and more people get interested, including Chinese crypto players. But what do traditional crypto miners in China think of liquidity mining? Capital is not safe in liquidity mining Traditional POW miners focus on machine, coin ...

China Crypto Roundup (Sept 7- Sept 14): ETH Withdrawal Frenzy in China as DEX Mining Runs Rampant, Bitcoin Miners in Short Supply in China, China’s BSN in Line With Open Finance Concept

Sep 14, 2020

Vincent He

The top stories from the Chinese cryptocurrency sphere this past week includes: ETH stocks in centralized exchanges are declining rapidly as DEX mining runs rampant, Bitcoin miners in short supply as Chinese manufacturers’ capacity inadequate, China’s BSN, digital silk road in line w...

ETH Withdrawal Frenzy in China as DEX Mining Runs Rampant

Sep 8, 2020

Vincent He

In the early morning of June 6, Chinese users found they had difficulties in withdrawing coins from some crypto CEXes (Centralized Exchange). It was reported that the ETH futures in Huobi could not be cancelled, another centralized exchange OKEx also suspended the withdrawal of ETH...

Bitcoin Running on Weibo as the Price Plunged Below $10K

Sep 4, 2020

Vincent He

In less than 24 hours, the price of bitcoin Bitcoin dips below to three-month low of $9960, according to data from qkl123. The largest cryptocurrency then went viral on Weibo. Weibo trends show that the hashtag #Bitcoin# has been the eighteenth-most popular search terms on the countr...

8btc Interview | How Mooniswap Brings Security and Innovation

Aug 26, 2020


Decentralized exchange (DEX) is arguably one of the oldest DeFi applications. Curve, Balancer and Uniswap are currently the top three in the DEX market, with more than $1.6 billion locked in as of press time. DEX can process transactions in a permissionless and decentralized wa...