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Is Libra a Paper Tiger?

Aug 8, 2019

Benjamin Gu

Of course, Libra is not a paper tiger. Otherwise it won’t cause the immediate concern of global financial regulatory bodies and central banks, as well as the hearings by United States congress. But, this project indeed has inherent risks which make it very vulnerable. There is a good chance ...

How to Build a Stablecoin to Compete with Libra

Aug 7, 2019

Benjamin Gu

In my Libra project analysis report (A Business Analysis of the Libra Project), I pointed out that there is still a very good opportunity to develop a new stablecoin that competes with Libra. The Libra project is definitely not the end of the stablecoin project, but a milestone in thi...

$200 Million SIM-Swap Case vs. AT&T Goes Forward

Jul 24, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine

A lawsuit filed by the co-founder of crypto investment group BitAngels against telecommunications giant AT&T for failure to stop a SIM swap is moving to trial. This suit was first filed by Michael Terpin in August 2018 in the Los Angeles U.S. District Court. Terpin claim...

U.K. Releases Economic Crime Plan That Addresses Crypto Assets

Jul 16, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine

The Economic Crime Plan (2019–22) released by the U.K. government and the trade association UK Finance details regulatory action on cryptocurrencies to prevent their use in criminal activities. According to the document, the government is working closely with businesses to bring toge...

2020 Presidential Contender Andrew Yang is a Cryptocurrency Fancier

May 29, 2019

Vincent He

As the presidential election of the United States in 2020 is coming, Andrew Yang, a democratic party candidate said that he would accept donations by means of encrypted currencies. Therefore, he got the support from American cryptocurrency circle and blockchain circle. Even The New York T...