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Russian Aluminum Plant Set to House Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

Nov 1, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine

International economic sanctions have propelled many countries toward cryptocurrencies — from Venezuela to Iran. Now, U.S. sanctions imposed on one Russian company have paved the way for a cryptocurrency mining operation to take over a decidedly industrial facility. Rusal Turns to Cryp...

Op Ed: How to Understand Taxable Events for Cryptocurrency

Oct 17, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine

Today’s average cryptocurrency investors, which number in the hundreds of thousands, may not even be aware that they need to pay taxes on their cryptocurrencies. But there is no longer any reasonable doubt regarding the need for reporting capital gains, compliance, auditing, accounting and taxa...

Infographic: How Crypto Is Disrupting the Financial Ecosystem

Sep 5, 2019

lylian Teng

“It’s gold for nerds.” — Stephen Colbert To idealists, it’s a brave new idea. To your parents, it’s a hipster fad. Civil libertarians see it as a tool to help us escape the oppression of banks and governments. Politicians see it as an illegal enabler of deep-web sites like the Silk R...